Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm a Flasher!

Yes kiddies it's that time of the year again. The 2nd Annual Stash Flash. Although my stash has grown considerably since last year's flash, I'm still not close to SABLE. I do make efforts to keep my stash under control by trading and giving away yarn that I know that I won't use. In fact, I have hardly any of Mrs. Stranger's stash left at my house. Most was given away (a lot went to Monkee and her mother) and some was used as prizes for the Ugly Ball of Yarn contest. So, without further ado, I present my stash! All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Group shot, not very scenic. This photo was actually taken after all the other photos were. As I finished taking photos of the yarn, I'd carefully pack the yarn in nice zippered bags and then toss them in this pile. Scout is not sure what to make of all the yarn.
Not an overwhelming pile...yet

Cool Cottons
Cotton grows, and not just on plants
Cottons and cotton blends here.
* The jewel-toned cakes in the top left are the remnants of the unfinished sweater that I showed last year. Helen wanted the laceweight from the sweater, so I frogged the sweater.
* The two large skeins in the top right are from Mrs. Stranger. 500 yards per skein! I think it's destined to be baby stuff.
* The pastel balls in the front right are leftovers from Moni. Moni was just a bunch of yarn in last year's flash.
* The rest are leftovers from Curlicue, Rosa, Rebecca Pirate Sweater, Arrowhead, and Elspeth.

Furry and Fancy
I have a soft spot for furry things
Some of my nicer yarns--most of it fuzzy. Clockwise from top left:
* Pleasure is almost certainly going to become Starsky. The gauge and yardage are spot on--almost as if the sweater was written for this stash yarn.
* KFI Angora Extra: I overestimated how much I would need for Berkshire Breeze. So, I bought another ball so that I would have enough for another sweater. Clever, huh?
* Texas mohair: To become a Flower Basket Shawl eventually.
* Cotton and tussah silk from Mrs. Stranger's stash. Certainly enough for a sweater, but I haven't found a suitable pattern. I may design my own.
* Kid Silk Haze from Reversible Rib Shawl. I think it will be Marianne from Rowan 37.

Yarn DOES grow on trees! (or at least some plants)
I need to find a way to grow my own yarn
Karaoke (tofu yarn) Twize (bamboo yarn) and Euroflax Linen. Apparently, I like plant fibers in shades of purple.

Thin Stuff and KnitPicks
I like them thin and cheap
From the left:
* Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace. An impulse buy. I haven't picked a pattern yet.
* Barbie Rose laceweight. Someday it will join the other hank in the Barbie Shawl.
* Tiger sock yarn to be made into a stuffed tiger--not into socks.
* Random leftover sock yarn
* A variety of KnitPicks yarn that I bought for swatching.

Woolies, part 1
Sweaters to be
Daletta yarn for Lotus and Cashmerino. The Cashmerino was supposed to become Tempting, but I changed my mind.

Woolies, part 2
Paranoia breeds extra balls
Odds and ends of wool and wool blends from various projects. I always buy extra and I always have extra leftover, funny how that works. For some reason the leftover Cestari (aka machine washable purple sheepies) from Rogue didn't make this photo.

Novelty and Petroyarns
Better living though organic chemsitry
Lest you think I'm a complete yarn snob, I am displaying my yarn consisting of mostly human-made materials. I made baby stuff with a lot of this yarn. Let's face it--acrylic yarns yarns are perfect for babies that are going vomit on their clothes and then outgrow them in 2 months.

Need more yarn p0rn? Check out the other stash flashers!


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

A respectable stash - not too big, but big enough to do some diving when needed!

Agnes said...

What? April already? It's still March 31st here!

Pumpkinmama said...

Very nice. And I love the idea of knitting a tiger with the tiger stripes!

Stephanie said...

Ah. You use the same stash control method I do. Give away yarn. God forbid I should actually stop buying yarn. :)

Rachel said...

Okay, I have to say that at first glance I thought, "Wow, Laura's stash is much, much smaller than I expected!" Then I saw Scout, which TOTALLY changed the scale in which I was seeing it.

Tasteful stuff, attractively presented -- yours is my favorite stash flash I've seen so far! (Of course, it being March 31, yours is the only stash flash I've seen so far.)

Elizabeth said...

What a pleasant stash. Not too overwhelming, useful selection, tidy and orderly.

BTW, my husband puts up with the yarn because I put up with the trains.

Jennifer said...

Very impressive! I like it. You've got a lot of really nice stuff in there.

I'm not flashing this year. My husband reads my blog, and frankly, he doesn't need to know the truth.

Joanna said...

Oh, Pleasure for Starsky, what a stroke of brilliance!! Your stash looks lovely, so many bright colors and nice fibers...

Valerie said...

Yours isn't much smaller than mine!

purrl said...

Very nice. And what a cute kitty!

jen said...

That's a pretty ace stash, loads of different things! Thanks for taking the time to show it off :)

JessaLu said...

I love your stash - and your 'Berkshire Breeze' (esp. since I live in the Berkshires *grin*). I can't wait 'til the pattern is available.

HPNY Knits said...

cool falshing!! and I love your "1 day since i bought yarn" counter, but who's counting, right...