Tuesday, June 21, 2005

We're in the Moni!

After three days of finishing work and a last minute trip to Michael's to buy ribbon, I finally have my first adult-sized cardigan.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pattern: Moni from Rowan 31
Yarn: Rowan 4-ply Cotton in Violet (MC), Flirty, Cheeky, Aegean, and Lemongrass (CCs) from Richesse Online (A very special thanks to Wendy at Richesse for her assistance picking colors.)
Needles: US sizes 1 and 2
Additional Notions: Narrow ribbon, 8 tiny buttons, and invisible elastic thread.
Alterations: I made body about 1 inch longer because the swatch shrunk when washed and I didn't want this to turn into a belly-baring sweater.
New Technique Used: Sewn on button band.
What I would change if I had to do it again: I probably wouldn't put the ribbon in. I wasn't sure if I would use the ribbon when I started, but I thought that the eyelets wouldn't show if I decided not to include the ribbon at the end. But the eyelets show. So the ribbon was added.

Close up of the fair isle, button band, and cute little buttons:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Close up of the wrong side. So neat and tidy! I'm fanatical about weaving the carried yarn because I hate floats.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

On a sad note: My freebie digital camera seems to be dying. The flash doesn't work anymore. Hence, the above photos are a bit blurry. I guess I have to start hunting for a new one.


amylovie said...

You look FANTASTIC! I bow to your Fair Isle skills. What a beautiful sweater. Congrats!


helen (of troy) said...

beautiful! and you were worried at first about the fair isle..

its absolutely gorgous.wear it for many years, in good health!

Ingrid said...

Another wonderful knit! Your fair isle looks great. I usually carry the yarn every 2 stitches...every stitch looks great though!

Lee Anne said...

Oh my you did a great job! I can't believe that is your first Fair Isle!!!!

knittingnurse said...

WOW!! THe back of your work is as neat as the front. I am duly impressed. I have yet to venture into the fair isle area but I doubt that my first project will be as wonderful as yours!

Monica said...

It looks beautiful! Wonderful job.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! So cute!!! I like the ribbon. It makes the cardi look very sweet.

Nik said...

that fair isle is quite impressive. and you're wearing the cardi well.

Bad Hippie said...

Wow! What an amazing FO! It looks fantastic!

Kimberly said...

Wow, that sweater is beautiful! Your knitting is so perfect.

Joanna said...

Moni looks amazing!! As always I'm in awe of your work. The colors are great and it looks great on you!

peri said...

That looks great - truly impressive.

Kenny said...

Gurl!!! You knitted that whole thing is size 1 and 2 US??? Geez, louis! I do bow down to you!!!