Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And with this purchase...

...I'm done buying yarn. At least I am for awhile.

Yesterday I went to Yarntopia*--the place where yarn dreams come true. My yarn dreams certainly came true! What an amazing store. Houston-area knitters are in for a treat. A fabulous yarn selection that beautifully displayed. A feast for the eyes and an assault on the wallet. But seriously, they carry many may yarns that aren't carried in other Houston stores including Fleece Artist and Malabrigo. And speaking of Malabrigo:

It's for a cat bed, right?

Six hanks of Vermillion destined to become Salt Peanuts unless I change my mind before I start. I can't seem to photograph the colors well. Rich reds and pinks with tinges of orange. Even Scout loves this yarn. She was rolling around in it when I was trying to take photos.

Now that I have purchased this yarn, I'm not going to buy any more yarn for the next three months or more. I mean it. As you saw when I flashed my stash this weekend, I have several sweaters worth of yarn. I don't need any more yarn for awhile. I'm set for the Yarn Focus Challenge!

(For those of you wondering why I didn't reset my yarn ticker--the Yarn Focus participants get one free day per month to purchase yarn. Yesterday was my free day for April. I do not plan on using my free days in May and June.)

* The easiest way to get to Yarntopia from Houston is to take the Westpark Tollway out to Katy. Exit on Mason Road, turn north (right), drive for a few miles until you get to Cinco Ranch Blvd. The store is in a strip mall on the northwest corner of the intersection and is not very visible from the road.


Rachel said...

Can I have your free days for May and June?

You are really nailing the cat/knitting pictures these last couple posts! You should enter Scout in America's Next Top Model.

I wanna go to Yarntopia! Jealous jealous jealous.

amy said...

Scout is such a little cutie bug. I never get tired of seeing her.

Meredith said...

Oooh, I may have to go there some day. I don't need to buy anything either though, so I guess I shouldn't. :(

Rebekah said...

Oh that yarn is beautiful. The kitty looks like he's claimed it as his though. He must want a kitty bed.

Jennifer said...

Oooo, lovely.

There's no way you'll be able to resist a yarn purchase without using those free days. No way. :)

janna said...

Hey, Yarntopia's even on my side of Houston ! (That's the San Antonio side - cutting off maybe 20 miles off the 200 mile trip - I even know where Cinco Ranch Blvd. is!)

amylovie said...

Scout has great taste in yarn.


SallyT said...

Okay, I didn't need to know that there is another yarn shop in Houston. I, too, live in Pearland and was glad that most shops are far away and I could resist them. But now, a new one. Oh well, thanks for the news.

Roxy said...

Scout has some damn fine taste in yarn LOL ;)

I love it when you include your babies in the pics - thank you!


Sheryl said...

Scout is PRECIOUS! I am a sucker for cats. I think Drew might do a workshop at some point so you can meet him too. He is a really funny, sweet guy.