Thursday, April 21, 2005

Everything's Coming Up Roses

As noted earlier, I redesigned my blog so that it would be cleaner. The previous format was just to fussy and I'm not really a fussy kind of person. I also played around with my pathetic Paint software and attempted to make a button. It did NOT look good. I'm not an artist. I can tell you what looks good, but I can't make things look good.

Anyway, here's a photo to celebrate the new look--fresh flowers for a fresh template.
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I realized that the last two finished objects that I displayed had fit issues of one type or another. I hope you don't think I normally have problems with fit. To prove it, you can gaze at the happy summer sweater that I made last year (just in time for fall...)

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Pattern: Arrowhead from Knitter's Magazine Summer 2004 (I think)
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace in Poppy
(please ignore the unmade bed in the background)

Ribbon X-back Update
I decided that I will frog my baggy x-back tank top and reknit it. But for now, I want to work with normal yarns. When I do reknit, I'm going to use a much tighter gauge. The holes in the sweater were just too big for my taste. They were large enough to prevent me from wearing the tank without anything underneath. Anyway, once I decide on a suitable gauge, I'll choose whatever size will give me at least three inches of negative ease. The whole negative-ease concept is new to me. It never occurred to me that I should make anything smaller than me.

The X-back debacle has taught me several lessons. In addition to negative ease, I've learned:
1) I hate ribbon yarn.
2) Try on stuff as soon as you can.
3) Don't rush into trying new patterns. Let other people knit things first and learn from their mistakes. (Personally, I blame Peat for starting the KAL and getting me excited about knitting quickly. And she hasn't even started yet!)

One more thing:
I love Monkee with or without chicken pictures.


Pumpkinmama said...

wow - texas is about 2 months ahead of Mass. in terms of springy-sprungness!

ingrid said...

Frogging a leaving for a while is purrfectly legitimate. A couple of months ago when I was sailing in the middle of the south pacific in the middle of yet another storm, and hadn't slept all night as my cabin was making so much noise and I had to hook my leg around my mattress to stay in bed.....the captain came by as I knitted on my watch (well actually there is nothing to watch when the weather is so bad the instruments are alternately recording air then water then air).....anyway the captain came by and said 'aren't you knitting a new project' and I said 'yes' and he said 'you can't do that' and I snapped 'yes I can'. What I meant to say in this response is that you can do anything you like ...its your knitting project.

monkeemaven said...

Arrowhead looks stunning! (But even better in person. ;) )

Love the new layout! I'd offer to make you a button, but Joeli says that I'm terrible at such things. She didn't like the button I made her, despite the effort it took to make all the text AND the New York Yankees logo readable!