Monday, September 05, 2005

Two sweater in two days: Rebecca is finished, too.

Rebecca is not X-rated, but it may be rated PG.
Avast Ye Matey!

Pattern: Sweater with Honeycomb Pattern from Rebecca 29, size small
Yarn: ggh Bali, 7 balls (see note below)
Needles: US size 6 and my smaller crochet hook (I only own two crochet hooks)
Modifications: For modesty's sake, I slightly closed up the bottom of the V-neck. I also added a row of single crochet to the neckline before doing the picot edging to close the neckline up some more. I also omitted the crocheted sash. It looked silly to me.
Pattern Error: The chart for the diamond motif that was published in the magazine is incorrect. The chart produces a diamond that is smaller than the diamond shown in the magazine photo. I corrected this error by simply continuing the established pattern. Only after I made my corrections did I discover that Rebecca has a corrected chart available on their website.
Yarn Warning: The pattern says that the size small of the sweater can be made with 6 balls of Bali. I finished the 6th ball when I finished knitting the pieces. If I had only purchased 6 balls, I would not have had any yarn to do the edgings. Luckily, I always buy an extra ball of yarn. But if you plan on making this sweater--I'd suggest buying extra.
Random Thoughts: Is it a winner or a loser? I can't decide. I'm not sure the puffy sleeves are doing anything for me. I do like how the cable pattern from the front is repeated on the sleeves--but that's what makes the sleeves puffy. (The cable pattern gathers the fabric.)

Maybe the sweater is too fussy for my tastes. Compare it to Tivoli from yesterday. Tivoli is simple and clean, Rebecca is . . . I don't know what it is. Maybe it's a pirate shirt? Thank goodness for the plunging neckline--if the neckline were too high the sweater would look horribly prudish.


amylovie said...

I think you look awesome in it. Feminine styles are big this fall, so you are quite the fashionista. It would look really cute with a skirt.


Jennifer said...

I think it looks great. The puffy sleeves are fine in this sweater and I usually don't go for too puffy. Knit fabricseem a bit to heavy to make puffy look "good" to my eye at least.

Cordelia said...

It's really cute. I like how your sleeves aren't as puffy as in the magazine photo.

Kalendar Girl said...

Looks really nice! I think that the sleeves look great. The detail in the middle looks beautiful, too. Looks like a perfect fit!

grumperina said...

I love it! I think it looks great, and looks great on you! All the fuss is worth it :) Congrats!

goodkarma said...

You know, I couldn't decide if that pattern were for me or not, either! I can tell you with all honesty that it looks beautiful on you and I can imagine it with a pretty skirt. Well done!

Shannon said...

I was planning on making this, I'm happy to see it actually done! I really like it!

Paulownia Wood Ashes said...

Hi. I am currently knitting this sweater and incredibly am *just* about to begin the diamond chart pattern on the front! You've saved me from the error Rebecca misprinted in their magazine. : D

I've already printed the correction from the Rebecca website but I am unsure what they mean when they say "the pattern is 8" higher". Are they saying I should make the diamond 8" taller?

And, I am wondering if you might have any wisdom to impart about how I can remedy the error. In short, *how* do I do what you did and make the pattern bigger so that my diamond doesn't come out too small?

If you'd like to reply, my email is:

Thank you! I'm so glad you posted a picture of your finished sweater. You did a super nice job on it and I love your modifications for modesty's sake! ; D