Thursday, April 13, 2006

What will those crazy kids do next?

First a note on the last entry: The fabulous Michael from WormSpit informed me that the DB Pure Silk is spun silk and not a reeled silk. Michael is the author of the recent Knitty article on silk. He says that reeled silk yarn will not have a halo, so now I want some reeled silk yarn. Michael has actually spun his own reeled silk yarn from his own cocoons! How nifty is that? Do you think he will give me some? (I doubt it.)

Now the crazy kids bit: My alma mater's blog reported that some current students made their own music video. I watched it for kicks and to see images of the beautiful place that I used to call home. The video is very entertaining. Not only does the college president dance in the video, but what appears to be a knitting club also shimmies along with knitting needles in hand. What a Feeling!


Kim said...

that's funny. i went to high school with the guy who directed the video. and morty is always good entertainment. i think i'm heading back there next month.

ivete said...

Try Classic Elite Temptation for reeled silk, there's nothing quite like it!