Wednesday, April 19, 2006

RAK Happy

My fur is softer than this yarn, says EllyGoodies have been arriving at my house from my Knittyboard friends. Valerie sent me some bunny yarn from her secret yarn seller. Just a drop in the bucket compared to her haul and Karen's haul. This yarn is Anny Blatt Supreme Angora--100% Bunny. Not much yardage, but oh so pettable! Perhaps to become Nakiska?

Also, Susann sent me some chocolate from Germany: Kinder Eggs and Mozartkuglen. (She also sent some knitting related things, but I can't share that with you right now.) She thought that I was silly for wanting the Kinder Eggs. "They are just chocolate," she said. But no! Kinder Eggs are all about the toys. The chocolate had a hard time in the Texas heat:

Misshapen chocolate tastes great!

EEK! a monsterBut the toys were just fine! My favorite thing about Kinder Egg toys is that they often need to be assembled. For "free" toys, they are fairly good quality. Not like the crappy "toys" that you get in Cracker Jacks these days. (I had Cracker Jacks a couple of weeks ago. I regret that I didn't take a photo of the so-called toy. I seriously considered buying more Cracker Jacks so that I could show a comparison photo, but then I worried that doing so would mean that I was taking this blog thing a bit too far.)

My toy!Time to play!

I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMilleFinally, Monkee presented me with two very unusual things last night. A fun fur scarf and a CD of songs that I've never heard before. I asked her if the scarf was something that she knit or something that someone else knit and sent to her or something that someone else knit and sent to her to give to me. This was her answer: *stare, blink blink, shrug, look away* So I'm assuming that Monkee herself murdered a muppet made this scarf. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. She has a history of giving me hot pink things. As for the CD, uh ... well ... no comment.


Rachel said...

Your cat photos are getting really good! I'm jealous: as soon as my cats see the camera they stop doing whatever cute thing I was trying to capture on film and walk straight toward me and try to bite the lens. I have lots of slightly fish-eye pictures of my cats' nostrils.

What are you doing to deserve all these fun gifts in the mail? And are you doing it on purpose to make me feel like a heel for failing to send you macaroons?

monkeemaven said...

How dare you accuse me of mudering a muppet!

And yes, it is a great CD. The copy I burned will not leave my CD player for weeks.

Karen said...

Hee, Monkee murdered a muppet. :)

I love Kinder Eggs as well! Much better than Cracker Jack crap, uh, toys.

And uhm, the only song I know on that list is BNL, Never is Enough. Great song!

Karen said...
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Cordelia said...

Three dead trolls in a baggie?
I *love* that name.

Jennifer said...

What lovely pink bunny yarn. I'd be petting it all day.

Ali said...

Your cat pics are adorable. They pose like supermodels :)

I don't doubt for a minute that Monkee mudered a muppet ;)

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Scout secretly loves it ;)

amylovie said...

Your kitty looks mad at you for putting the muppet on her.


helen said...

missy's cds are great. really. that's a typical reaction from her. even on the phone. she actually says those things like "grumblemutter" which entertained me to no end when i spoke to her.

anywho...yay kinder eggs! i've got my own box of three sitting here. the toys are the best part, for sure!

Terby said...

Hee. Great Scout photos.

That's all I've got - my brain is on strike tonight.

Agnes said...

Smiley's is selling Fun Fur ... do you think LB is discontinuing this yarn?