Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One of these things is not like the others

My favorite Houston yarn store had a sale last week. All Debbie Bliss cashmerino was on sale for 25% off. I went on the last day of the sale, hoping that the selection would be limited and I wouldn't buy anything. (I don't really need another project right now.) But alas, the best laid plans...well, you know. I left the store with this:

Image hosted by

Enough to make Tempting. I have been toying with the idea of knitting Tempting for quite some time, but just never had a strong enough urge to hunt down appropriate yarn. How can I resist now that I found the yarn just sitting around waiting for me to pick it up?

However, the purchase of this yarn just confirms that I am in a rut. Let's see if you can figure out the trend in my wardrobe. It's time to play that old Sesame Street game! Which one of these things just doesn't belong?* (1) Tempting yarn above; (2) Reversible Rib Shawl; (3) Arrowhead sweater; (4) Moni (next on the needles); (5) Ribbon X-back (in progress again); (6) Debbie Bliss's Grace (to be knit in later this summer) or (7) a bunch of store-bought clothes. Pondering, pondering...

Time to confess. Hi, my name is Laura and I'm addicted to red and pink clothes. At least I'm not the only one.

* The answer is Moni--as if you couldn't tell!


amylovie said...

Hey fellow Houstonian!

I'm in the X-back KAL with you. You are going to LOVE Tempting. It is a breeze to knit and is a great looking garment. Did you buy the yarn at Yarns 2 Ewe? I was so upset I missed the sale (camping with my DH and DDs). I was just there this morning. I swear, I can't leave the store without at least $100 worth of stuff.

I am a fellow pink freak as well.

On the X-back, I'm using #10 needles and knitting it according to what the patter says I should be (med-36" chest). I think it is going to work.

Have a great day,

alltangledup said...

hehehe I see what you mean about the yarn pyramid. It was a bit of deja-vu!

deirdre said...

Well, you're better than me. I only pick pink clothes. And yarn.