Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Small Diversion

One of the women that attends my SnB is getting married next month. As a gift, the rest of us are making her an afghan. Each knitter is responsible for making a 12 x 12 inch square for the project. Last night, I sat down and made my contribution.

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Moni is continuing at a good pace, but the miles and miles of stockinette is starting to wear me down. Part of the reason why I started on Elspeth was to give my hands a break from all that small-needle stockinette. I do like using small needles, but after hours of knitting with them, my hands start to hurt. So, now I switch between the two projects so that my hands don't get tired. However, I find that I have to restrain myself from just working on Elspeth exclusively. The simple lace pattern is much more interesting to knit.

Speaking of Elspeth, I am not having the problems with the pattern or chart that other knitters seem to be having. The chart makes sense to me. I don't have problems with stitch counts. Everything is fine. So if anyone out there is having problems with this pattern, remember that stitch markers are your friends.

Random cat photo:

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Elly is at the top, Cleo is on the right, and Scout (the star of this blog) is on the left.


amylovie said...

You SnB friend is one lucky girl to receive such a gift. Your square is gorgeous, so I can only imagine what the others will look like.

I'm in stockinette heck right now as well. I'm about half-way done with Clapotis.

Have a great day,

grumperina said...

Your square for the afghan is absolutely beautiful! You did a great job, and your friend will be a happy girl when she receives her gift.

Becky said...

Amy that pink afghan square is beautiful! And your babies there are too adorable. Do they pose voluntarily???GRIN

Lee Anne said...

Beautiful square! What a neat idea for a gift. Did you all pick the colors and yarn ahead of time? Kind of curious as to how you are making it all come together...such a neat idea!

Laurie said...

Beautiful square. It looks like the lacey front of my Marla sweater (WIP). Did you make up the pattern from Barbara Walker stuff? The kitties are way cute.

Ingrid said...

I love the look on Scouts face!

Mooshles for the pride...