Monday, May 02, 2005

Alligators in the Sewer

Peter and I went to Brazos Bend State Park this weekend. The park has several wetland areas and is home to many wild alligators. Before entering the trails around the lakes, we read the alligator warning signs and practiced running away from the alligators. After just being on the trail for a few minutes we spotted our first alligator. It was just a baby and less than 2 feet long. We then saw several more babies.

At this point, we were very excited because we weren’t sure that we were going to see any alligators at all! So we were quite surprised when we saw the GIANT alligator. That big boy had to be at least 12 feet long. I was quite happy that it was on the other bank of the marshy area.

Next, we had an opportunity to get up close and personal with a 6-8 footer. He (or she) was sunning on the bank next to the trail. Close enough to touch.

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Impressive, huh? What was even more impressive were the parents of the little kids that allowed their children to stand less than 5 feet from the snout of that reptile. At least Peter and I felt comfortable getting close to the alligator knowing that we were both capable of out running a 5-year-old girl. More pics of this camera ham here and here.

In knitting news, I finished knitting baby blanket for my coworker’s child-to-be. I still need to block it and place it in an appropriately frilly package, so no new photo for now. I also finished knitting the pieces of Candace. Seaming is currently in progress:

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I also ripped out my humongous X-back tank and started re-knitting. But that’s another gory story to be told at a later time.


Pumpkinmama said...

looking good - you've made much faster progress than I ever did with Devan - way to go.

Heather said...

Ohmygod, I love alligators!! I so understand your excitement!!! I live in New Orleans and love to go out to the swamp walk just to look for the creatures. I also dream about them all the time, but that's just weird :)

zibibbo said...

Oh fun! The only time I saw them in their uhm natural habitat was on one of those Swamp Tours in New Orleans..they guide fed them marshmellows. Practicing running away, you are a funny one. :)

Love the Candace colors!