Thursday, May 05, 2005


I finished Candace--the second sweater for my baby niece. (It still needs buttons--Walmart, here I come!)

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Pattern: Candace Baby Cardigan from Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar, size 1-2 years
Yarn: Regia 4-ply in colors 5271 (jacquard) and 1991 (gray heather)
Needles: US size 2 and 4
Cat: Scout, again (she's such a camera hog!)

I even added a *ahem* design feature. I didn't seam the sleeves all the way to the cuffs and then did a single-crochet around the selvage edge. (My first attempt at crocheting!) I did this because I cast on the wrong number of stitches when I started the sleeves, but didn't discover my oops until I was nearly finished with the increases. I adjusted the increases so that the sleeve cap would be the proper width, but I worried that the cuff openings would be too small. My design feature provides a larger opening for baby hands. I think it looks good. Shhh! Don't tell my niece that her auntie made a mistake.

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And what about the X-back tank? Don't ask.

Other Stuff
I want a Richard Feynman stamp. Though the Buckminster Fuller stamp is much more amusing.


Pumpkinmama said...

awesome - it looks wonderful! And you finished it so quickly. I like your sleeve mod, even if it was unintentional, and probably will help her be able to wear it longer - baby wrists can get pretty chubby.

knit chick said...

That looks great. Your niece is going to look absolutely adorable in it!

Good luck with the nth attempt at your Xback. I just started mine, too. I had to frog several times as I went from a large to a small. Hopefully, the small will work out! I can say this, I'm getting a lot of seed stitch practice in!

Laurie said...

That kludge at the wrist is sheer genius. I'm very impressed. It's a good niecely sweater.

monkeemaven said...

How did you get Scout to look up? Fritty is always sniffing and pawing... I have to yell and wave at her for her to look up at the camera.

I'm partial to the Cesar Chavez stamps. It confuses people who think they know me. I probably need some Ronald Reagan stamps for similar reasons.

monkeemaven said...

Oh, and the sweater looks gorgeous, too. :)

amylovie said...

The yarn for your niece's sweater is gorgeous. I've never tried the self-pattern yarn, but your sweater makes me itch to. The cat is an added bonus to the picture.

Have a great weekend,

Joanna said...

Oh that sweater is too cute!!

And does this mean I'm not the only one with a mini-crush on Feynman? ;) I go to Caltech and it makes me sad that if I came here 30 years earlier I could have had him as a professor! Some of the older profs have great stories about him though. And, uh, he was a great physicist too. Yeah.

becky said...

The sweater is adorable! And I really like the cuff design.

Anonymous said...

very cute.i really like what you did with the cuffs!
earth mother

catgrrrlll said...

Very cute sweater and even cuter kitty.