Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just for Laughs (no knitting content)

The other day, while I was cleaning my house, I found an envelope full of senior pictures. (Did you exchange senior pictures in high school, or was that a Midwestern thing?) Anyway, this discovery somewhat coincided with the start of the "remember the 80's?" thread on the Knittyboards. So, for some laughs look at the photos below.

Before I embarrass anyone else, here's a photo of me at the prom. Unfortunately, my hair blends in with my date's jacket, so you can't see how big my hair really is. Don't you just love late-80's prom fashion? (My mother made my dress.)
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Now, let's look at some of my friends. If you know any of these people first tell them that I'm sorry and then tell them that I said hi.

Meet Mark. He's quite the fashion plate. Notice how his socks match his shirt which matches the stripes on his sweater? Looking good! Mark dressed like this all the time--very preppie! (I'll bet that his penny loafers have pennies in them.)
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This is Steve. Ok, no big fashion gaffes here, but you gotta love the mullet. It was the hair style of choice for the non-preppie boys in my high school. (Years later, after Steve got a better hair style, he became the recipient of my first knitted object.)
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Christy is sporting a turquoise shirt-dress with a faux leather belt. The belt goes well with her barely visible white plastic earrings and white plastic beaded necklace. And she has tall hair.
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Holly, with her shoulder pads and shellacked hair, is ready for some football! I think that her heavy blue eye shadow is somewhat similar to the black streaks that football players put under their eyes.
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Mark, Steve, Christy, and Holly: I'm sorry. Please laugh. If you have a copy of my senior photo, send it to me and I will display it here. Oh, and Steve, don't tell me what happened to the sweater.


Jennifer said...

Oh my... I remember those fashions. I remember the hairstyles too.

amylovie said...

That was great! Thanks! All of your pictures look like my senior pictures. What year did you graduate? I was "havin' fun in '91!"


Kathy said...

Class of '90 here and those pics bring back memories! I was guilty of mall hair. :: shudder ::

cant_talk_knitting said...

ha ha ha! In California, we exchanged senior pictures too. A friend in a class behind me loved talking on the phone, so she actually got a photo taken of her as though she were talking on her Garfield phone.

Our yearbook required that girls take a photo in a black drape and boys in a tux (fake tux top) so our pictures don't show off quite as much of the bad 80s fashions, though there are definitely some embarassing big bangs in the photos.

yuvee said...

LOL ;D I love those pictures with the 80's fashion. Now I wonder how it'll be when it's my turn to look at my prom photos decades later.

Big Brother said...

Mark looks like the preppy Mark from my class. I ran into him at the Bread Garden in Iowa City several years ago. He's lost a lot of hair.