Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Giganto Tank and Tiny Swatch

I don't have anything witty or exciting to say today. I will have to allow Scout's cuteness entertain my readers on this blog entry.

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Yes, it's Coral--or at least part of it. Shall I let you in on my deep dark secret? This is the first pattern in which I have made modifications beyond changing the length. While newbie knitters rush out and design patterns and make up things as they go, I have been knitting patterns with blinders on. I never even considered altering a pattern until I stumbled across the Knittyboards last fall and discovered a whole new world of knitting. I'm not making major modifications to Coral, but I am thinking about designing a sweater from scratch.

Tivoli, Peacock Feathers, Yarn, and Money
Sadly, my Peacock Feathers pattern and my yarn for the Rebecca sweater are not shipping in a timely manner. The Rebecca yarn was a special order so I'm not at all surprised about that. But the delay in both the Peacock pattern and the Rebecca yarn has sent me scrambling for something else to do. I think that something else is going to be Grumperina's Tivoli Tee. However, there's a catch!

Yesterday, Peter made some comments about my yarn spending habits. He didn't go all the way and say that I had to stop buying yarn, but I know my husband. And, more importantly, I know how to handle him. No more yarn purchases for the next few months. I have a tiny stash and I'm going to work with that--even if it means knitting winter sweaters.

So, I started swatching for Tivoli using some stash cotton yarn. I like the yarn color, but I'm not sure the texture will work for Tivoli. The yarn is a bit...lumpy. I'm not sure the gauge is working out for me either. I'll need to think about this yarn and Tivoli some more.

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Rachel said...

Ah, and therein lies the beauty of the triple checking account system. My husband may roll his eyes when I spend my money on yarn, but at least he knows I will do no more than roll my eyes when he buys ANOTHER video game system. I need complete jurisdiction over some portion of my income if for no other reason than to recklessly buy yarn without guilt. :)

I sort of like the nubly nature of the yarn for Tivoli -- I actually think it would look pretty good.

amylovie said...

Ahh...another friend has joined me on the yarn diet. We can start our own support group. What do ya say?


Triona said...

I'm on a hubby-mandated yarn diet at the moment too. I'm making the Tivoli in Bernat Cottontots on the cheap and actually am really liking it so far. It's got that kind of nubby texture too.

Jennifer said...

I handle the money in our house, and I've put myself on a yarn diet. My DH doesn't squawk much over the yarn, but he has complained about how yarn is ending up in his side of the closet.

cant_talk_knitting said...

awww, Scout does look a lot like my Frances.