Saturday, June 11, 2005

More on Elspeth and why I don't look like a Rowan model

Helene left a comment on my previous post about how my Elspeth doesn't seem to fit the same way that the Elspeth in Rowan 37 fits the model. And someone left a comment on Heather's blog along the same lines. (Why that person didn't comment on my blog is beyond me.)

Now I'm going to tell you why. After studying the pattern and the photo in the magazine several times, I'm convinced that the bolero the model is wearing is either not knitted from the same pattern that was published, pinned in the back like Heather's, or both. Probably both. And I have evidence.

First, look at the my front panels in this post. Notice how pointy they are at the top? There are 4 rows of 4 stitches and then 4 rows of 2 stitches and a row of 1 stitch. That's why the fronts are so pointy. When I seamed the bolero together, the pointiness is still visible. I marked the seams in the photo below.

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Now, look a the shoulder of the sweater in the Rowan magazine. Hmmm... not so pointy! It's not knitted in the same way! You cannot tell me that these fronts are the same shape as my fronts. So, I give this as proof that the pattern used to knit the bolero in the photo is not the same pattern that was published.

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Why do I think the sweater is pinned in the back? Well, first look at my photo in the previous entry. My bust size is 34 inches. According to the pattern, the 2nd size is to fit a person with a 34" bust. According to the pattern, the 2nd size will yield a bolero that is 35" in circumference and therefore 1" of ease. That's approximately how it does fit on me when the front panels are touching each other (i.e. no gap between the front panels). A perfect fit in my book.

Now look the Rowan photo again and just LOOK at the big gap between the front panels in the photo. It must be at least 2 inches wide. Let's assume that the model in the photo is much skinnier than I am (a good assumption). What do you suppose her bust size is? 32 inches? 30 inches? The smallest size in the book is supposed to yield a bolero with a circumference of 32" with the front panels touching. How in the heck can this waif be wearing this bolero with such a big gap in the front? Easy--the bolero is pinned in the back!

Also, look at the bottom of the sweater in the Rowan magazine--the slope-y parts seem to go all the way around the front of the model. How is this possible? The bolero is pinned in the back. And see how the neckline of the bolero is much higher up on the model's shoulders than it is on mine? How did she do that? Some one pinned the bolero in the back!

Ok, I'm done raving now. I'm actually not unhappy with the way Elspeth fits on me. I just think the photo is extremely misleading.


heather said...

Even though there's obviously some "pinning" going on, I think yours turned out terrific! It's wearable, and it's pretty. Mine was so ginormous, there's no wearability there. I emailed Rowan and they poo-pooed the idea of mistakes in the pattern. Okay then, the pattern plain sucks.
I'm glad you're giving tips for knitting the bolero! At least someone else will be able to knit it and have a wearable item after the hours and hours of work.
You did a great job, that's why I had a link to you on my blog. (sorry someone commented on mine about yours.)
Really, yours is great. Wear it proud!

Jennifer said...

I like your version better than the Rowan pic. I've noticed that pictures can be very misleading. If you read Knit and Tonic, she's made a couple of things that had misleading photos. It's annoying, but at least yours turned out so well.

amylovie said...

Great detective work! Pfffttt on those Rowan people. Your's looks awesome!

Karen said...

Thanks for the comments. I tried on the X-back after I read your comment, and lo and behold it's way too big. Just sucks that I was almost to the end of the left front when I read it. :(

grumperina said...

Great analysis! I think you're right on target, and at the same time I'm glad you like the way yours fits even with the pointy fronts and without pinning in the back.

EvaLux said...

What a lot of detective work LOL. And another give-away that "somethings" going on to me is the cramped way her hands are on her hips. If you look closely you can see that that is not the relaxed stance it is supposed to be.
Anyways... I love your Elspeth and if I didn't have such a big rack I'd make it for myself too LOL.

knittingnurse said...

I think that your Elspeth is lovely and I can see the difference once you pointed them out. Shame that we put so much work into things and they don't turn out as we expect. Thank goodness that we can "check in" with eachother and save eachother from repeating mistakes.

Thanks for the info.

Jen said...

You are SO RIGHT! It's not just the fact it's too big, it's the pointy fronts too. I'd advise everyone to make one a size smaller. Although if like me there isn't a size smaller, balls to it!