Friday, June 03, 2005

"Happy Birthday to Me...

...I live in a tree! I look like a Monkee..." No wait, she doesn't look anything like me.

Today won't be the best birthday ever. Peter is in Dallas on business. He said that I could go with him, but I didn't feel like poking around Dallas by myself during the day or attending some social function with a bunch of total strangers in the evening. Instead, I'm staying home, playing with my cats, knitting, and eating macaroni and cheese.

However, glittrgirl and others from the knitty coffeeshop have said that they are going to throw me a party in the knitty chat room later today. What fun! I'll have to make sure that Scout doesn't try to wear a lamp shade.

Anyway, have some (ice cream) cake:
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amylovie said...

Happy Birthday! Your cake looks delish!


Lee Anne said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry your guy is in Dallas...but that cake looks way too good!!!!

clickin chick said...

Happy Birthday!
If Scout does wear a lampshade, I hope you'll get a picture of it!

Stoat said...

Happy Birthday! i wish i were there to share that yummy-looking cake with you!

knit chick said...

Happy, happy birthday! That cake looks absolutely delicious. I hope it was!

I hope Peter brings you back a really nice birthday present when he returns from Dallas!