Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hurricanes are good for something

I finished knitting the pieces of Rosa during all the hurricane down time. Maybe I should rename the sweater Rosa Rita in honor of our disappointing storm. Scout wouldn't look up for this photo. She's too exhausted from all the hurricane hype.

Which piece of string should I eat first? says Scout

Speaking of hurricane hype, I was thinking about writing about how all the annoying news coverage was before, during, and after this nonevent but someone beat me to it. And he summed it up very well. Basically, all the media coverage in Houston caused mass hysteria throughout the city and prompted many people who didn't need to evacuate to rush the gas stations and spend many brutal hours sitting in traffic that barely moved. The state and city officials can declare the evacuation a "success" all they want--in my opinion the evacuation was a disaster. Twenty-three people died for no reason. That's a fact that everyone seems to be overlooking. The nursing home where those people were residing really wasn't in any serious danger, even if a category 5 hurricane had hit Galveston directly.

I should have final photos of Rosa by Tuesday.


amylovie said...

Rosa Rita. I love it!

I thought the coverage was over the top too. But the national cable channels (CNN, Fox News) were even worse.


knit chick said...

There quite a bit of coverage in Chicago, too. I though it was better safe than sorry, but after all this was over, I agree... those seniors died for nothing.

Jennifer said...

Looks Great! I can't wait to see it assembled.

Cordelia said...

It's very frustrating, the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality of "news" programs. I'm glad you and yours weren't hurt by the hurricane, though.
And the sweater looks great.