Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm not too sure about these sleeves . . .

If they were black and white, the sweater could be convict-wear

This is the start of Rosa's sleeves. I just started the blue stripe. After that stripe, the colors repeat in the same order. The sleeves (being knit at the same time) look a little garish to me. The colors look nice together in the flower pattern but are a little to stark in this wide stripe pattern. I guess that must be why the designer choose drab colors in the original design. I hope my MIL likes it. I don't have enough yarn to make the sleeves a solid color--unless I made one sleeve one color and the other sleeve a different color :-)

Sisterly love
I took this photo of Cleo and Scout this afternoon.

Aww! How sweet!

I think that it's the closest that Scout has ever slept with one of her sisters. Believe it or not, Cleo and Elly are not big fans of Scout. I think Elly actually hates Scout but has taken a "if I ignore it, it will go away" attitude toward Scout. But if Scout gets to close to Elly, Elly will growl and hiss. At least Scout has learned that playing with Elly's tail is a bad thing. Incidentally, my girls are not actually related in anyway. They were each adopted separately.

Thanks for all your advice and support about my job situation. I'm still struggling with what to do with myself, but I'll try not to bore you with all of my anxieties too often.


amylovie said...

Did you MIL pick out the colors? If so, she'll love it. I think they look OK.

Sweet kitties!


Jennifer said...

Your cats are adorable! I think sometimes cats come up with reasons to dislike one another to give themselves something to do. Secretly, deep down, they love each other.

Oh, and my project for the Fall Cable KAL... It's not a poncho is it? Oh well, if it is I'll still wear with pride. ;)

Cordelia said...

So-cute cats. I love calicos.
[I don't think career discussions are boring. ;-)]

Anonymous said...

Dear Cleo and Elly,

Please be nice to Scout. She is my friend!!!


Knit Chick said...

I think it looks great so far. I love the intarsia flowers you did earlier. I think all the colors will look better once you put the entire sweater together.

Mintyfresh said...

I agree with others--once it's all put together, I think it's going to look just fine! Such great spring colors.