Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A couple of the neighbors are boarding up:
Should I be scared? I don't know. Peter says that we shouldn't panic because
(1) we're 30 or so miles inland
(2) we're above sea level
(3) so far, it doesn't look like the storm will hit the Houston area directly
(4) we had absolutely no flooding during freak Tropical Storm Allison (the storm that hit Houston on a Tuesday, moved inland, turned around and hit Houston again on Friday, causing massive flooding throughout the city)

We're not evacuating before the storm but we are planning. We have food, we're going to store water (I guess I'd better clean the bathtub tonight!), and we know where we are going if we have to evacuate after the storm.

Having never been through a hurricane before, I'm not sure if I should be panicking or worrying right now. Of course the media is all hyped up, but I think its because the local media desperately wants the "big one" to hit Houston and because of all of the Katrina aftermath. Interestingly, the mayor of Houston is conveniently using the possible Rita hit as an excuse to move all of the Katrina evacuees out of Houston. The ones that were still in the shelters are now being shipped out of state.

So, I'm trying to ignore the local media and I'm just tracking the storm through NOAA. I love the NOAA website. I use it all the time for research for my job. You can find lots of interesting tidbits of information on that website. Did you know that hurricane names are recycled? I'll have to wait until 2008 for a hurricane Laura.

Knitting Content?
Proof that I am a process knitter: When I was mentally listing the things I wanted to take if we did evacuate, tops on my list were my cello and my yarn. I didn't even think about taking my finished objects until I started thinking about clothes to take. Tops on my clothes to take list? Underwear, jeans, shorts, t-shirts. No knitware.


Linz said...

Best wishes for an uneventful time.
Stay safe!

Mintyfresh said...

Laura, I'm definitely thinking of you guys as the storm approaches. I say, keep an eye on NOAA and be cautious.

GretchenX said...

The girls think that you should add a couple of cans of tuna to that evacuation list!!

On a serious note, I'm sure you'll be fine, but my thoughts are with you, anyway!


Cordelia said...

Good luck, Laura! I'll be thinking about you too!

Knit Chick said...

Stock up on the flashlights and batteries just in case. Be safe!

Jennifer said...

Sending you good weather vibes! Be safe!

amylovie said...

We are ready to ride the storm as well.

My list of things, in order, of what I will pack if we need to leave:

1) important papers
2) pictures
3) my stash!


Carolyn said...

Take care Laura. Hope you're not affected by the storm.

Lee Anne said...

Hey Laura! We are staying too. I'll be thinking of you guys and will check back with you if we have power this weekend. I have lived in the area most of my life so have been through several hurricanes. Basically if they tell me it is a mandetory evacuation then I go. If they make it voluntary (like here in montgomery county) then we stay. Stay safe and hang in there.

Agnes said...

Hi Laura,
I'm a first time visitor to your blog. As the hurricane is getting closer, I wish you all the best.
I visited your photo gallery and found your beautiful knitting there. I've also made the wavy scarf and recently I am into lace knitting ... your peacock shawl is just stunning! But the most eye-catching, I think, is the reversible shawl. I am going to my local library and check out that book.
Once again, be safe and wish to hear from you soon after the hurricane.

CarrieScribe said...

We left, but it was more because I've got an asthmatic almost-three-year-old and I have bronchitis (plus a kidney infection that's threatening to put me in the hospital) and we are pretty confident that we're going to be without power for a while. (We're in Montgomery county.) I don't want to be with no power in this heat with the kind of coughing my son and I are doing. :(

As a veteran of lots of hurricanes (by nature of where I grew up) I don't think you're in any real big danger, but it might get unpleasant. Hope things go well. Be safe!