Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Power of Cuteness

After knitting my first pair of socks, I admitted that I wasn't so enamored with the process. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. After that, Rachel and I decided to form an Apathetic Sock Knitters Club. We didn't actually do anything as club members, we just agreed not to knit socks. Well, Rachel caved. She's going to knit socks. I tried to act appalled when I read about it, but truthfully, I was on the verge of adding a pair of socks to my knitting line up. What happened to melt my resolve? Cuteness happened.

A couple of weeks ago, Peter and I went to our friends' house for a mellow Super Bowl party. I took my knitting with me because I wasn't particularly interested in the game. The hostess of the party quilts and crochets so she doesn't mind me knitting in her house (she started quilting during the game). At the time, I was just beginning the 3rd and 4th sleeves of Rogue.

Our friends have the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved girl in the world. I know everyone thinks that they have the best child in the world, but I know for a fact that this girl is the best child in the world because I'm saying that as a non-parent and a non-relative. Anyway, while I was knitting, Sweet Girl came to sit next to me. After watching me for a minute she started asking questions:

SG: What are you doing?
Me: I'm knitting.
SG: Why do you have two sticks?
Me: I have two sticks because I need two sticks. Your mother only uses one stick because she crochets. This is different. This is knitting.
SG: What are you making?
Me: These are the sleeves to a sweater.
(Of course, they looked nothing like sleeves at this point, I had only about 3 inches finished.)
SG looks doubtful.
I put one of the sleeves around my wrist.
Me: See? This is the start of the sleeve. I have to knit for a long time to make the sleeve go all the way up my arm.
SG is still not convinced.
SG: Can you make socks?
Me: Yes, I can make socks. I made a pair of socks before.
SG: Can you make socks now?
Me: No, I can't make socks now. I don't have yarn to make socks with me. I'm making sleeves now.
SG: Then you can make socks?
Me: I guess I could make socks afterward.
SG: I want to see you make socks.
Me: Well, I need to finish this sweater first.
SG: When will the sweater be finished?
Me: In a week or two.
SG: Will you wear the sweater the next time I see you?
Me: Yes I will. I promise.
SG: And you will make socks, too.
Me: Ok, I will.

Yes, I'm a pushover. Now I want to make socks for this little girl. But where to find patterns for socks that fit a five-year-old girl? I have no idea. Google help me find a few, but only one appealed to me (the middle on on this page), and it's too small. Yes, I know that I could just size it up, but I really have no idea how much bigger to make it and I'd have to figure out how to turn the heel on my own, so I'm a little nervous about it.

Then, I flipped through the only source of sock patterns that I own: 2006 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. I found the Spring Melody Socks pattern (scroll down). They might be a little big, but they are so cute and girly and BEADED. Yes, now I have an excuse to knit socks despite my membership in the Apathetic Sock Knitters Club--the beads. I have been thinking about trying some beaded knitting, but wasn't sure what to make.

Now, all I have to do is convince Peter that I need more yarn. In anticipation of my job quitting, I stocked up on lots of yarn for various projects. So now Peter thinks I don't need anymore yarn for the time being. Do you think he will buy "SG really needs pink, beaded socks and she's so cute and she wants me to make socks" as a reason?

Last night at the SnB, Monkee accused me of not linking to her blog enough. She said that even though she knows that I link to her blog more than I link to any other blog. I link to her blog so much because I see her in person practically every week. So, members of the SnB: this is Monkee's blog. Monkee goes by a different name in real life. Monkee's real name starts with an M. I'm sure that's enough hints for you to figure out who Monkee is. Oh, and this is Meredith's blog.


Rachel said...

Aw, that is a sweet story. (Don't you love being the final arbiter on a child's cuteness? When I have a kid I'll hire you as a consultant to do an objective assessment of his or her adorability, just so as a parent I'll be able to be realistic about it.)

I swear that I am open to the reinstatement of the ASKC once we're both over this bout of insanity. (I reserve the right to change my mind, though.)

By the way, I love the idea that maybe this post would be the first that a new reader of your blog would encounter and that he or she would spend several minutes trying to fathom what kind of garment needs a third and a fourth sleeve.

Cordelia said...

Those socks are definitely cute. And small child socks shouldn't require much yarn, so maybe Peter won't give you too hard a time about it.
I love the linking.

Elizabeth said...

Geez, socks are not a big outlay of cash or storage space. You could probably sneak it out of the grocery budget and he'd never be wiser. If it helps, I'll send him pics of my yarn zone and he'll count his blessings that he only has to put up with one extra pair of socks.

Agnes said...

How many pairs do you plan to knit for her? If it's only one, you just need one ball ... so does that really need convincing? Or you are just using this to stock up more yarns? :)

Karen said...

How about orange for sweet girl? Cuz, I think I could spare a ball of orange sock yarn for the sweet girl. :)

Those are definitely cute socks. And they'd look much better in pink. :)

amylovie said...

It will only be one ball! How could Peter turn that down, or resist the cuteness?


Jennifer said...

Well, you absolutely need to knit socks for this child.!

monkeemaven said...

Me accusing you of not linking to my blog enough - that's part of the cuteness, right?

Looking forward to the socks, you sockaholic-in-training.

Meredith said...

Cute socks! Ooh, I have a link too? Thanks. ;) Sorry I missed SnB. I'll come next week if I'm not furiously packing and cursing about how I should have started earlier.

allelejean said...

That is really cute, and yes "SG really needs pink, beaded socks and she's so cute and she wants me to make socks" is a PERFECT reason to get more yarn.

Roxy said...

Hmmm ---- Monkee & socks in the same blog post...


knit_chick said...

How cute and sweet is that SG sock conversation! I think it is inevitable that you knit socks again. I think Spring Melody is a great choice. She'll love it (after you model Rogue for her to prove those really were sleeves).