Thursday, October 06, 2005

We've got Trouble! Right here in Bayou City!

It's not really trouble, just another pattern oddity that I noticed when I was studying the photo of Grace. Before you ask: Yes, I did look for pattern errata before I started knitting. Debbie Bliss has not posted any corrections for this pattern despite the fact that there IS an obvious error in the pattern. According to the pattern, the collar is never attached to the back of the sweater.

There are two cable patterns on this sweater: a braid pattern and a horseshoe pattern. Now, look at the braids in the close-up photo of the shoulder. The braid on the sleeves is going in the opposite direction than the braid on the body!

I read the pattern carefully and saw that the instructions have the braided cable going in the same direction on both the body panels and the sleeves. A quick check of MJ's and Jenifer's completed Graces confirmed this.

So here's the million dollar question: do I knit the sleeves according to the pattern or according to the photo? What do you think?

Photobucket news: Apparently, the issue is NOT with Photobucket, but with some big computer companies. Photobucket is just an unfortunate victim. Don't blame Photobucket, they are doing their best to work around the petty bickering of some computer megacorporations. If you can't see my photos, please be patient. I hope a solution will come soon.


amylovie said...

Here is another perplexing thing going on with Photobucket. Why is it that my mother & hubby can see the pictures on their computer, but I can't. Grrr! I hope they fix it soon.


Nik said...

I just printed the pattern for the cupcake hat. how cute is that?!

Cordelia said...

Sorry about your photo issues. (Well, they're not your issues, but they've become your problem.)
Grace looks lovely. As to the pattern issue, I think both ways look good, and wouldn't it be easier to knit the sleeves according to the pattern?

Rachel said...

What a lovely pattern! I have to say I don't have the eye for detail that you do and would never have noticed the cables going the opposite way. I think you can't go wrong whichever way you choose, though I guess having them go all the same ways seems the most logical.

Mintyfresh said...

I think it's a toss-up, whether you do the cable right-side up or upside-down. Go with whatever seems appropriate to you.

(I can see the pictures fine.)

Jennifer said...

I can see your pictures. How annoying for you though.

I wouldn't have noticed that cable detail. I would have knit the whole thing up, put it together, then notice it and have it bother me.

Beth S said...

I would knit according to the pattern. I like to follow directions. Of course I have not had good luck with directions lately. (Pooh)

Laura said...

Hi from another knitting Laura! (I found you through Minty's site.)

I would knit the sleeves according to the pattern. Unless of course you like the way the cables go in different directions!

Your sweater is beautiful so far. Yours is about the umpteenth blog I've read lately that raves about Aurora 8. I may have to blow my yarn diet. :)

Knitcrazy said...

That is such a Beautiful Sweater !

Jenifer said...

Ha! I never even noticed that it was different!! I say go with whatever is easier for you. :) Have fun,it's a great knit.