Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Everything Free in America!

Ok, everything is NOT free, but some of the best stuff is free. Some great free stuff: sunshine, Knitty Patterns, advice and encouragement from fellow knitters, and fresh eggs!

cheep cheep cheep!

These are eggs are from Monkee's chickens. Monkee's mom gave them to me last night at the SnB. I poached three of them this morning and they were very, very tasty. The eggs are smaller than the eggs that I buy from the grocery store. I put the Matchbox Mini Cooper in the photo for scale. The Matchbox Mini (a gift from Monkee) is longer than a couple of the eggs. But we all know that smaller is better. (Says the short person who drives a Mini.) Thanks Monkee, Monkee's chickens, and Monkee's mother!

I love cables. Yet, I've never made a cabled sweater for myself until now. (Unless you count the Rebecca sweater, which I don't count because it doesn't have cables all over.) Knitting with Aurora 8 is so enjoyable and fast that I never want to put the project down. So, here's a week's worth of knitting. If I hadn't knit that baby hat or taken a road trip this weekend, I'd probably be done with the right front, too.

Scout is looking at Cleo instead of at me

However . . . I discovered something about the pattern. More later.

BTW: My images are hosted on Photobucket and today Photobucket is acting weird. Sometimes I can't see any photos or even reach the Photobucket site. So, if you can't see my images, I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do. :(


Christina said...

That color is so feminine! I have yet to knit with Aurora 8. What is it you like so much about this yarn? I think I might need some more yarn to tempt me (like there isn't a queue or anything).

helen said...

you and your finding things in patterns...especially those with intricate designs *shakes head*
know what else is free? the generosity of fellow knitty-heads. you the best. hopefully something will be winging it's way to you this weekend

Agnes said...

Wow ... those eggs are HUGE! And you said they were smaller than those you bought from grocery stores? Oh my ...

I happen to love cables too! Eager to see how your sweater looks like.

Mintyfresh said...

You are so speedy Laura! I don't know that you'd need to learn continental then, if you're comfortable the way you knit. I mean, I can't see how you could possibly get any faster!

Looks great!

roxy ^-o-^ said...

I see Scout likes pink cables too!

Wow, nothing like fresh (really fresh eggs) - so glad you have friends so close & so generous.

take care