Friday, October 21, 2005

More Black Yarn

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm not much of a sock knitter. I have only made one pair of sock-like objects and since then I have declared that sock knitting is not for me. As it turns out, I could not avoid knitting sock-like objects forever. LOOK!

Will it fit?

It's a teeny tiny little sock/shoe thing! It's only twelve stitches around but still has a little turned heel. I haven't sewn up the toe yet and the "cuff" stitches are on a piece of dental floss that I'm using as a stitch holder. What the heck is this for? It's the beginning of a "dog" toy for Annie Modesitt's new book Men Who Knit (and The Dogs Who Love Them . . .). I'm doing this project for Annie while waiting for the yarn for a larger project to arrive. I'm looking forward to the larger project, but this one is pretty entertaining. (I'm actually much farther along now, but I'm too lazy to take more photos)

As you can see, Scout thinks that the sock is already a good cat toy.

Please fill it with catnip, says Scout

In a funk
I'm pretty depressed these days, probably because of work. I'm in such a crappy mood that I don't even want to knit. In fact, knitting and knitting related stuff has been contributing to my grumpy, irritable mood. Playing with the twisty neck collar was annoying, winding crazy novelty yarn was a disaster (more on that later), my needles always seem to be too grabby or not grabby enough for the things I am working on now, and my super secret project is boring me to death. However, knitting continues because I'm being paid and the holidays are approaching. I think this is foreshadowing the feelings I will have once I quit my icky job and become a freelancer trolling for anything that pays.


amylovie said...

That sock is so tiny. I can tell Scout would love you to look away for a minute. :)

I'm sorry to hear you are in a funk. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Agnes said...

I love the photo of Scout with the tiny sock thing ... both very cute!
You are the second one talking about being in a funk this morning ... what's going on? Anyway, wish you return to a better mood soon.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling your best these days. It will pass! I hope you feel better soon.

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Laura you are a gem. You are like me - I don't knit socks but when I do my first sock it will be like Scout's - 12 stitches and tiny! LOL

I hear you on the work depression - I am so cranky I can't stand to be with myself * grrrrrr * and 60 hrs a week doesn't help either!
That "in a funk" feeling just sucks - my knitting is making me crankier, but coincidentally, I was about to pick up my needles and work on my Enchante (from Wrap Style) to try and snap out of that same type of funk because I know that my yarn is truly my friend. Email me anytime you need to vent or whatever if Missy isn't reachable LOL


PS your Twisty Neck is fantastic. I'm jealous.

Cordelia said...

That sock is so cute! It's teensy! So cute! I guess you'll have to make sure Scout doesn't think it makes a good cat treat.

I'm sorry you're having a down time. I hope the job is over soon! Good luck...

Rachel said...

I would like to see how that sock looks felted. :)

I hate that in-a-rut feeling. The only advice I have is what I usually try to do: I really separate WORK from LIFE in my mind. Work is what I do so I can afford my life. And every day when I go home I'm on vacation for 14 hours. I get to make and eat yummy food and do crossword puzzles and play board games with my husband (yes, we're lame) and of course knit. Psychologically isolating work from the rest of your life doesn't really make work any more fun, but sometimes it helps prevent work unfunness from spilling over into your non-work time, thereby ruining it.

Good luck, feel better, eat uncooked brownie batter out of the bowl, if necessary.