Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Longest Meme Ever

Knitting content first:
I finished seaming the Rebecca sweater and tried it on. Can I just say, "Va va va voom!" Yup. Major cleavage. But at least it's not X-rated. I'm going to put a row of single crochet around the neckline, then do the picot edging and see how that looks. I hope I don't have to resort to adding rows of garter stitching like Ms. Cooknknit did. That would involve picking up A LOT of stitches. I'm still considering the "modesty triangle" idea. I just don't know how I would do it....yet.

Meme time!
This meme has been floating around everywhere! I've seen longer versions of it, but thank goodness Helen tagged me with a shortened version.

ten years ago:
I was living in Chicago, fresh from chemistry grad school, and working as a lab manager in a molecular biology lab (despite the fact that I had never taken any course work in molecular biology or biochemistry). I was also plotting my next career move as I planned on applying to science education grad schools. Peter and I were dating at that time.

five years ago:
I was living in Sugar Land, Texas, teaching high school chemistry, and suffering. Elly and Cleo (the two older cats) had been living with us for a couple of years. "Us" being Peter and me--we were married by this time.

one year ago:
I was living in Pearland, Texas, and working as an editor on middle school science textbooks. My precious baby cat Scout had entered our lives a year earlier. Peter found her under a car in a parking lot. And yes, I was still married to Peter.

five snacks: cookies, ice cream, chocolate, cake, cheese

five songs I know all the words to: So many to choose from! Lots of songs from musicals. Here's a random sampling:
1) Tonight from West Side Story
2) The Mountains by W. Gladden
3) Kokomo by the Beach Boys
4) Silent Night in German and in English
5) You Are my Sunshine by ???

five things I would do with $100 million: pay off mortgage, travel everywhere, buy a working goat farm, give some to charity, invest the rest so that Peter and I never have to work again.
five places to run away to: Iowa, London, the Berkshires, Australia, the Swiss Alps
five things I would never wear: a poncho, pointy shoes, anything orange, a mohawk, leather pants
five favorite TV shows: Lost, The Amazing Race, The Muppet Show, The Brady Bunch, MASH
five biggest joys: Peter, Elly, Cleo, Scout, being healthy
five favorite toys: Knitting needles, digital camera, bicycle, my cats, my Mini Cooper
five people to pass this on to: no one. Haven't we all done this already?


amylovie said...

Yippee! The end of the Rebecca sweater is in sight. Can't wait to see it in all of its sexiness! ;)

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see Rebecca sweater!

I also know most of the words to Kokomo. Boy can that song get stuck in the head.

Cordelia said...

Everyone really has done it. I love that you love the Muppet Show. I'm looking forward to seeing the Rebecca sweater too; Cooknknit's photo is something indeed!