Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rebecca progress


Perhaps it will be a little revealing? We will see if adjustments need to be made once the sweater is assembled. I'm thinking that I will need to knit a little triangle to fill in a the lower part of the V.

After finishing the front, I realized that the back was too short. Apparently, I don't know how to use a tape measure correctly because I was off my two entire centimeters. Now I have to decide if I should knit the entire back longer by undoing the bound off stitches for the back of the neck or if I should just knit the shoulders longer (taller?) and have a more scoopy back. Just working the shoulders would be easy because I didn't bind of the stitches there.

I'm now considering how to block this sweater. It's 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. Normally, I would steam-block cotton, but I don't think that's a good idea for acrylic. The instructions say to lay a wet towel over the pieces. That doesn't seem to be forceful enough for me. (Isn't blocking all about forcing your will onto knitted pieces?) Anybody have ideas, thoughts or suggestions?

For those interested, the cat in this photo is Scout. I tried to get Elly to pose because she hasn't appeared in my blog much recently. But Elly's idea of posing with knitting is to lay on top of the knitting to cover up any interesting details that other knitters may wish to see.

Cat news
Scout is on a kitty diet right now, which means that she, Elly, and Cleo are no longer free-fed. Instead, they get two carefully measured meals a day. I feel like a horrible cat mom for subjecting Elly and Cleo to a feeding change even though the two of them don't have weight problems. Elly and Cleo do their own things to make me feel even more guilty. Elly sits in front of the cabinet that contains the cat food and looks sad or mews pitifully. If nothing happens, she starts to open the cabinet. Cleo sometimes completely refuses to eat during meal times and then walks around the house howling at 2 am. (Incidentally, Peter sleeps like a log during these howling sessions.) Scout, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be particularly disturbed by the feeding change.


GretchenX said...

This is Brutus - I had one of the stuffed animals at home help me hack into Momma's Blogger account to leave this.

Scout, you are very pretty!! I don't think that you need less food. Vets are silly.


GretchenX said...

I like the idea of an inverted V - but if you make the back shoulders longer, won't you throw off the sides?

And I think steam-blocking wouldn't hurt it, but maybe you would want to try a warm iron first, and work your way up.

grumperina said...

Scout is such a cutie! Can't tell if he's overweight or not, but look at that face!

amylovie said...

Maybe spritz it with water, pin the dickens out of it, and let it air dry.

I love how Scout poses so nicely for pictures. I wish my kiddos did that.

Have a great day,

Rachel said...

I'm sure someone with more fashion sense than me (that is to say, any at all) would be able to suggest a style of lacy camisole to wear underneath the sweater, assuming it isn't too tight-fitting. Just a thought. But you shouldn't trust me--I was pegging my pants in 1995.

Jennifer said...

We have the same feeding problem with our three cats. They do get used to it. The sweater looks great. I have no blocking ideas I'm afraid.

Joanna said...

Wow, I'm loving the color of that sweater. So bright and cheery! As for blocking, I would just do a wet-block. I tend to block most things that way because I figure it will get all wet when I wash it anyway, so I might as well get that out of the way and discover any ideosyncracies of the piece first. Also, I find that wet pieces are usually "moldable" enough that I don't have to bother with pins, which saves a lot of trouble. Only problem is that sometimes drying can take a while, and I usually want to wear the item right away!

monkeemaven said...


(Do you have the e-mail address of the reporter from Tuesday night? I keep bouncing messages, so I'm probably misreading this note....)

Cordelia said...

I like the idea of a little triangle. Would you make it lacy-ish? or would that be too much with the "weave"?
The weave-detail turned out very nice, by the way!

FranklinMinty said...

Oh I'm so inspired! The sweater looks adorable - beautiful job. It looks like the original has some crochet edging, maybe you could incorporate that into "decency triangle" idea?

As for blocking, I'd do a tender wash job myself.