Friday, August 19, 2005

Bobbin Invasion!

EEKK! Run away!

I ripped out my intarsia and started over. Now, I have a bazillion bobbins hanging from my work. But surprisingly, I'm finding it easier to deal with than having seven balls of yarn and half a bazillion bobbins hanging from the work. However, I can only do this intarsia work at a table. I can't handle checking the chart and managing all the bobbins while sitting on the couch and fighting off the cats. I'm much happier with the results:
much better

Thanks for the confirmation...
The comments on the last entry helped me realize that I am an insane perfectionist who scrutinizes her work too closely. Some people didn't realize that I had corrected the mistake in the photo of the Rebecca sweater with stripy-cat Scout. I thought it was glaringly obvious that the diamond motif in the two photos were different. Now, I could take the two photos and label the differences using photoshop. But I'm not going to do that. That would just reinforce my crazy tendencies.

Extra! Extra!
I scanned part of the article from The Facts. Click here to read it. The 17-year-old that is mentioned in regards to the SnB is none other than our dear Monkee!


Jennifer said...

That's a lot of bobbins, but if it makes your work easier, then it's necessary! I would only label you an insane perfectionist, if you actually did use Photoshop to point out the differences. Heehee! :)

amylovie said...

Eeek! All of those bobbins are making me cross-eyed.


Pumpkinmama said...

Those bobbins would drive me insane! You are a brave woman.

Cordelia said...

Thanks for the scan of the article! How fun is it to see your name in print?

The intarsia looks great; enjoy the bobbins (hee hee...)

Rachel said...

I find all those bobbins quite satisfying, actually. So neat and organized! Your instaria looks pristine.