Monday, August 29, 2005

Stop to Smell the Flowers

The intarsia is done! At least it is for now. Yes, it took me some time, but that's mostly because I didn't want to work on it. Knitting it put me in a bad mood. At one point I had 24 bobbins and two balls of yarn attached to my work. 24 bobbins!!! No wonder I was in a bad mood. The sad news is that I have to do it all over again on the front of the sweater. Ugh. I just have to tell myself that it's only 27 rows of work... Here is Scout sniffing the flowers:
smells like a lot of work!

Rebecca progress:
All pieces have been knitted and the back has been corrected. Blocking will occur today, seaming will occur ??? The most alarming news about the Rebecca sweater is that I used up the "required" amount of yarn just knitting the pieces. That's without doing the crochet edging on all the pieces. Lucky for me I'm a paranoid knitter and I always buy an extra ball of yarn. No worries here!

Tivoli looms:
I'm happy to be finished knitting the Rebecca sweater because Grumperina is releasing the standardized pattern for Tivoli this week. I have been wanting to knit one of these since Ms. Grumpy first posted her pattern. Humm...maybe I should swatch now so that I can cast on the moment the pattern is posted.


GretchenX said...

Little Miss Scout looks very happy smelling the flowers - you sure you didn't knit any catnip into that?

And great job, too - it may be a pain to make, but you're showing that sweater who's boss!

Rachel said...

Your 24 bobbins really paid off! I'm very impressed -- I got grumpy when I had five this weekend. Twenty-four might just put me off knitting forever.

If you can't face a repeat performance, you could make the back of the sweater the front instead and then turn it into one of those backless shirts that was so popular not long ago. Just knit a few strips an inch or so wide, attach them at the corners, and tie it on!

Yes, I'm kidding.

amy said...

I think it's so cute that Scout is in lots of your knitting pictures. Is she a little momma's girl?

amylovie said...

Your flowers look great. I know it was and will be a lot of work, but the end result will make it all worth while.

I got the Fall Rebecca on Friday. Let me know if you see anything on their website that intrigues you.

My Secret Pal, a blog friend, and I are starting the RR shawl this weekend. Wish us luck!


Cordelia said...

The bobbins may have tried to drive you crazy, but they sure paid off: it looks great! Scout sees to agree... :-)

Jennifer said...

The flowers look great! Using the bobbins was a good choice.