Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blog Birthday Contest

I'm not exactly sure when my blog birthday is. I signed up with blogger in November of 2004, but didn't do much with it until Jan 2005. So, I'm saying that sometime this month is my blog birthday. Let's celebrate!

Contest Background
I like to amuse myself by looking up the search phrases that have led people to my blog. The three most common search phrases are "stream of consciousness," "reversible rib shawl," and now "lady eleanor." But the funniest search phrases have been "hated knitted sweater," "it's huge laura," and "I'm an ugly ball of yarn poem." I'm not kidding.

After much laughing and inspiration from Monkee, here are the
Contest Rules:
1. Write a poem titled "I'm an Ugly Ball of Yarn"
2. Email the poem to me at MiniLaura(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line "Ugly Ball of Yarn"
3. You may submit only one poem.
4. Poems must be G or PG rated. I don't like naughty words and I don't want to read about any sexual activity involving a ball of yarn. (I wonder how using the word "sexual" will affect my search engine traffic?)
5. Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on 1/10/06. (Unless I extend the deadline)
6. I will do the judging, but may enlist the help of friends. So yes, the judging will be subjective.
7.The winner or winners will be announced when I'm ready but will be announced before the end of January. Winning poems will be posted on this blog.
8. The winner or winners will get their choice of the prizes shown below.

Naturally, a contest about an Ugly Ball of Yarn has to have Ugly Balls of Yarn as prizes. The prizes are some yarn from my stash that were acquired in different ways. I actually don't think any of this yarn is inherently ugly, just different.
Beauty is only ball-band deep

From the top left, going clockwise:
* Austermann High Collection Opera This is a chenille and sorta eyelash yarn. I looked up Austermann on Yarndex and their yarn definitely falls in the "not cheap" category. If you aren't into the eyelash-bit, you can easily separate the chenille ply from the eyelash ply. 10 balls!
* Ilse Wolle Carola Cotton/viscose/linen blend. Black, white, tan, and pink plys. I thought this would grow on me but it didn't. I think it will knit up to produce a tweed-looking fabric. 14 balls!
* Schoeller Esslinger Coruelia mit Silberfaden Acrylic/viscose. Those German words mean "with silver thread." It doesn't really have a silver thread, but it does have one shiny ply. The yarn is soft and would make good baby stuff. 4 balls.
* Regia Sock 4-ply sock yarn Left over from the stripy baby sweater. One full ball of the jacquard and a partial ball of the gray (34 g of the original 50 g). I thought the gray ball was a whole ball until I pulled it out for the photo. I know one ball of Regia isn't enough for a pair of socks (unless they are small or short socks), so perhaps someone could use the gray for contrasting toes, heels, and/or cuffs.


Cordelia said...

I thought the "Coruelia" said "Cornelia" & figured I should get that even if I don't write a poem. But then I also thought I should live on Cornelia Street.

Hmmm... "I'm an Ugly Ball of Yarn." This will require some thought.

Agnes said...

Geez ... I am not much good as a poet!
But I take the date of my first post as the blog birthday.
Happy Blogiversary!

Meredith said...

Happy Blogiversary! I think that "I'm an ugly ball of yarn" would be a great children's song, actually. That's what pops into my head. I picture a ball of yarn skipping down the street singing...well, that's just me I'm sure. ;)

Erica said...

My entry has been sent! Happy Blogiversary!

Jennifer said...

Oooo, I'm going to have to try my hand at this poem. Great idea!

grumperina said...

I love that idea! If I have a spare moment, I will write a poem.

Rachel said...

Recently someone found my site by googling "unremovable mittens." I am DYING to know what someone wants those for.

Perhaps I will be struck with poetic inspiration while working endless hours on my RRS this weekend.

Stariel said...

Done. And it's not half bad, if I do say so myself.

Now you should feel special - I think this is the first poem I've written since high school!