Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Finished Object Frenzy

Let me start by saying that some of these projects have been going on for some time now. I did not knit all of these in one week. (Though, I did knit some of these in one day.)

FO timeline

Thursday, December 1st: Berkshire Breeze
Friday, December 2nd: IK Heart Sachets from yarn left over from my socks.
They don't smell like feet
Sunday, December 4th: Lady Eleanor and another Instant Gratification Scarf. The scarf is for a colleague.
A super quick gift
Monday, December 5th: Santa Hat
Ho Ho Ho
Santa Hat specs: Pattern from Handknit Holidays knit with Encore Chunky in red and Rowan Big Wool in white-ish.

I saw this hat at a LYS knit in the recommended yarns. The pattern calls for some Blue Sky yarns, that would have cost me about $50 at the LYS. That wasn't going to happen. It's a SANTA hat! It will only have a couple weeks of use each year. I was even reluctant to use the Rowan, but I didn't have much choice for super bulky white yarns.

As you can see, Christmas trees (or "holiday trees" if you prefer) are great for holding up handknit items. All those spiky needles grab the knitting and keep the knitting in place. Hanging my knitting on the tree reminds of the Christmas trees in the Little House on the Prairie books. In those books, Laura Ingalls Wilder writes that the presents were actually hung on the tree itself and not placed under the tree. Can you image someone trying to hang an X-box or a bicycle on a Christmas tree?

What's that you say? You want to see the hat on me? Ok.


Pumpkinmama said...

You are a machine! Love the santa hat - too cute!

amylovie said...

Aren't you the cutest Santa ever?

Way to go on cranking out those Christmas gifts. I need the inspiration.


Jennifer said...

Way to keep the FOs coming!

Love the hat!

handknit168 said...

I have knitted sachet before and like yr heart sachet. It is cute.

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Barbie said...


Cordelia said...

That hat is cute! And the sachets are great too.
I love the stories about presents hanging on trees. (I've seen it elsewhere too, but I can't remember where.) It makes it sound like a little treasure hunt -- find the present among the ornaments! But I think you're right, no modern child would put up with something so small. :-)