Monday, July 11, 2005


Science magazine is celebrating it's 125th anniversary. As part of that celebration, the editors have posted the 125 big unanswered scientific questions. The top 25 questions have essays about them. I haven't had a chance to read through them, but many of the top 25 seem to relate to biological sciences--not exactly my area of expertise. (Not that I'm an expert at any science.) However, I did read this wonderful essay about questions and the nature of science. As it says up there^^^--science IS the belief in the ignorance of experts. Science is more about what we don't know rather than what we do know.

What about knitting?
Peacock Feathers should be called Snail Feathers. Yesterday, I knit a row. Yes, one single row. I'm on row 130 out of 249. Don't you dare say that I'm more than 1/2 there because I'm not. The thing grows by 4 sts every other row!

Ah well, life and work are busy right now. Peacock feathers isn't very good for conference call knitting so the 4-6 hours/week that I normally spend on the knitting on the phone is not happening. Plus, my mother is coming for a visit. So, I'm frantically cleaning the house.

Perhaps later in the week I will entertain you with a photo of a past finished object. For now, silly cat pictures will have to do!

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When Scout was three months old, she climbed our (fake) Christmas tree. (Note that Peter is 6'4", so Scout climbed pretty high up.)
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Now, she's so fat that she would probably cause the tree to collapse.


amylovie said...

You have one zaftig kitty there.

monkee said...

We have three or four chairs which look like that... usually Mom puts a dead ratty t-shirt over it to keep the stuffing from falling out. Scout is adorable in both pictures!

Jennifer said...

I've got a cat that looks like Scout! She loves sleeping like that as well.

D said...

How funny is that cat?! I have two cats but don't dare attempt a tree. The 15 pounder thinks he is as light as a feather and he's a bit "dull" so he would definietly be the one to attempt the climb...err CRASH :)

Annie said...

Your fat cats looks just like my fat cat!

Roxy said...

Hey Laura, I just came across the Scout/Peter Christmas tree pic. LOVE it :)