Thursday, July 07, 2005

And the Yarn Kept Rolling in from Every Side...

The reason why I put myself on a yarn diet was because I bought three sweaters worth of yarn in a week. (Then, I bought another sweater worth the following week, but with good reason!) So far, three of the four batches of yarn have arrived. I'm not one to keep a large stash of yarn, so I'm a little embarrassed to show you just how many balls of yarn are sitting around. Therefore, this yarn p0rn will be a tasteful--just one ball of each type/color.

First, the Rosa yarn--Rowan Handknit Cotton DK.

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The light blue on the top will be the main color. The red and the darker blue will be the flowers and the green will be the little spots between the flowers. The colors are actually much more muted than they appear here. They aren't colors I'd pick for myself, but my MIL loved them.

Next, the yarn for my two winter sweaters.

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The pink is Karabella Aurora 8 with which I am going to make Grace from Debbie Bliss's Cotton Angora book. The blue is Berroco Pleasure. I *think* it is going to become Rogue. I can't believe that I bought this yarn. It's one of the few times that I bought yarn without a specific project in mind. But it's bunny yarn! It was super cheap!

Pokey little Peacock
I'm trudging along with the Peacock shawl. I'm into the third chart out of seven. (Then there are two edging charts--why didn't the designer number the last two charts 8 and 9?) Full view below, close up here.

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mankee said...

Heh. Tasteful yarn pr0n. Odd concept, but somehow it works.

Peacock shawl is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Lovin' the peacock shawl. I like the colors you chose for your winter sweaters as well.

amylovie said...

You are going to love knitting with Pleasure. It is one of my favorite yarns.

Your shawl looks fantastic.


Eilene said...

Your Peacock shawl is looking fabulous!! I'm knitting Birch from Rowan. When I'm done (only 6 reapeats left) I want to do Rowan Butterfly, Peacock Feather Shawl & Flower Basket Shawl. Lace is sooo addicting! ;-)

Rachel said...

Is that the yarn you eventually made Starsky out of?

(Yes, I'm going back through your blog archives. I'm trying to find the first time I commented on your blog. Oddly, I remember some of your posts from June quite well but don't seem to have commented on them. Unless you deleted all my comments for some reason.)