Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Finished Objects!

Thanks and Answers
I am overwhelmed by all the comments that I received about the Barbie Shawl. Thank you so much! I am happy that the shawl is done and I'm thrilled at how nicely it turned out in the end. There were a few questions of general interest in the comments, so I thought that I'd answer them here.

1) The yarn was's Pure Wool Lace yarn. I had two hanks of the pink stuff, and I used about 1.5 hanks (or about 150 g or 1,275 yards). The yarn was not evenly colored, but it wasn't supposed to be. That's a feature of the kettle dying process. The shawl itself shows slight variegations in color, but the variegations do not distract from the lace at all.

2) The final diameter of the shawl is 52" (about 132 cm), so it isn't huge, but it's not exactly tiny either.

3) No you can't have it. If you send me your addresses and FedEx account numbers, I'll just throw out the addresses and abuse the FedEx numbers. You'll be amazed at how much stuff I send FedEx!

Now on to the Finished Objects!
But wait, you say, where are the photos? Other people posted them for me!

First, Annie Modesitt posted a photo of the dress that I knit for her. And here it is! She asked me to send the pieces to her and let her do all the finishing. I was a bit unhappy about sending it like that because it didn't look very nice that way. I would rather present a client with a beautiful finished piece rather than unblocked parts. But that's the way Annie wanted it. I'm so happy that she likes the finished piece and I'm thrilled that it "cleaned up nice."

Then, there's the secret project that I alluded to a few days ago. The project was a baby afghan, or Chatghan, for Shetha and her baby-to-be. I worked on this project with 10 other regular inhabitants of the Knittyboard chatroom who I conned into contributing ...uh, no... were unfortunate enough to be in chat when I hatched the plan I asked to help. The Chatghan is beautiful and I'm tickled pink that it was so well received! (I was going to write a big long blog entry about it to give credit to everyone who contributed, but Shetha took care of that for me!)


Jennifer said...

What a lovely blanket. How sweet of you and the other lovely knittyboard ladies for putting it together for her!

Meredith said...

Wow, I can't believe you knit that whole dress!

Karen said...

Somehow I think that the address/Fed Ex remark was for me and Val.... :)

Valerie said...

No way, Karen! She couldn't have meant our evil plot to get the shawl to NY. :)

Terby said...

The dress looks really great. That is a LOT of knitting, and I'm impressed by how wearable the final product works.

The afghan is not only lovely, but the sentiment behind it is really sweet.

Rebekah said...

Wow that dress is amazing, what a huge undertaking.

And the blanket is beautiful, I love all the differnt squares, so nice.

Rachel said...

That blanket is wonderful, of course for its heartfelt conception and execution but also because it is heirloom-like in color and design. Classic and not cloyingly babyish, if you know what I mean. The child will never outgrow it. By the way, I like your square the best.

Kudos to you on that dress. I don't know that I could put so much time into something like that and not even get to hold the finished object.

Stephy said...

I just got some of the Handpainted Yarns laceweight myself. It's good to see that it knits up so nicely because it is quite the bargain and comes in so many interesting colors.

Your shawl is beautiful. Prolly goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway!