Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #2: Xtreme Lace Knitting

I have to admit that, when I first read the second challenge for the Amazing Lace KAL, I had no idea what I was should do. (click the photos to make bigger!)

First, I thought I'd go for the gratuitous cat photo:

Xtremely Cute Lace Knitting!
Don't hate me because I'm cute.

Then, I thought I could show my true nature:

Xtremely Geeky Lace Knitting!
If you're a geek and you know it, clap your hands!
(For those who are less geekily inclined, that's a screen shot of a spreadsheet that I made to keep track of my progress as I knit the Barbie Shawl's edging. It keeps count of the repeat that I'm on, the row that I'm on, the number of stitches in each row, the total number of stitches knit in the edging, and the percentage of the edging that is finished. And, by the way, I've made significant progress since I took that screens shot. I am now 93.75% finished.)

Next, I thought about getting into the pure spirit of Xtreme sports:

Xtremely Dedicated but Crazy Lace Knitting!
Don't try this at home kids!

Finally, I decided to show my freakish side:

Xtremely Flexible Lace Knitting!
Let's play king of the Laura!
(I don't actually think the fact that I can put my face on my shins to be very freakish, but Peter claims that I am a freak of nature when I do it. I think he's just jealous.)

Xtreme enough for you?

Edit to Add: Oh ye of little faith! I would not offend or disgrace Scout by Photoshopping her into an image for the sake of laughs. The only adjustment that I made to the photo above was to make it a wee bit darker because it was rather bright and a tad overexposed. As proof--here are the outtakes from that photoshoot: one, two, and three. See? She moves!


Stephanie said...

Those are awesome photos! How did you get the cat to pose so well?

janna said...

But the real freakish part is that you got the cat to sit on your back - mine might do that when I didn't want them to, but never when it might make a good picture! ;-)

amylovie said...

I had to work for a year in yoga class to be able to put my face on my shins.


Ingrid said...

As I can't even touch my toes (okay I could when I was taking yoga but only just) I consider that freakish. I like the fact Scout likes to assist you in yoga....like one of those rubber band things or balls....

P.S. after 90's on Memorial Day it has been a very pleasant 70s since which we all agree we'd like for the rest of summer.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I agree with Janna, the freakish part is how nicely Scout will sit on your back while you press your face to your shins :).

Glad to see you have a helmet on - safety first!

Jennifer said...

I love how Scout is sitting on your back. Isn't that just like a cat. :)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome. Love the photos.

Elizabeth said...

There was a time when I could bend like that. Way way way before kids.

So, did you photoshop the cat onto your back? Or sit there like that for 40 mins waiting for the cat to get settled?

My verification word is like the Scrabble rack of letters from hell: jkqhs. Maybe my last two would be a "u" and some other vowel that might help me out?

Rebekah said...

Oh I absolutely love your pictures, the biking one and the flexible one with the cat on your back made me laugh so hard!

My husband thinks it's freakish that I can bite my toenails. Of course I don't, but I could if I truly needed to.

Monica said...

I love that your cat is sitting on you back during flexible lace knitting.

Cordelia said...

Yep, I agree with the other commenters: I think the most Xtreme part is the fact that you can keep still enough to keep a cat on your back while touching your toes.
Or is that photoshop...?

Elizabeth said...

Sorry I doubted you! Of course you have more integrity than that.

Cordelia said...

Ha! I love the postscript; it made me laugh out loud!

Meredith said...

Wow, the shawl is a lot bigger than I thought! I love the pictures.

Terby said...

I can't bend like that anymore. But if I could, my son would sit on me like your cat did. I didn't doubt you for a second.

Great photos, and that spreadsheet is awesome. I will steal that idea for my next lace knitting venture, provided I can ever find my shawl when it comes time to unpack!

Rachel said...

Okay, when I was talking to you just now I didn't even SEE Scout in the flexing photo! I though you were talking about the first picture and I couldn't understand why people thought you'd photoshopped it.

And then, BAM! There Scout was on your back. Hilarious! Although my favorite part is Elly in the background despairing that she has to live with these antics.

Laura said...

You are so xtremely clever! With xtremely cooperative cats! :)

Knitnerd said...

beautiful pattern, beautiful colour, and beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

That's just one more reason I'm not posting anything x-treme for the Amazing Lace! Somehow sitting in the recliner while watching old movies just doesn't cut it. I have a similar problem when doing yoga - one dog wants to lick me in the face and the other wants to sit on my chest!
Dorothy (Missouri Star)