Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Loganberry Sweater #1

(hee hee, you can see that I'm planning on making more than one sweater for Loganberry)

This is my impatient face, says Scout

Pattern: Basic Baby Sweater by Elizabeth, smallest size
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Twist in white (2 hanks) and royal blue (1.5 hanks), also from Elizabeth. I think this is a discontinued yarn because I can't find any information about it. It is a worsted-weight 100% cotton yarn.
Needles: US sizes 4 and 6
Cat: Scout refusing to look cute for the photo. (Scout was very cute in one photo, but it wasn't a good photo of the sweater. Hopefully, Scout's vanity will not be hurt by posting this less than ideal photo of her.)

Comments: Quick and easy, down and dirty knit. I came up with the color-block pattern myself. I thought I was being so clever until I steam-blocked it. The blue ran a little bit into the white. Before I knit the yarn, I tested for colorfastness and thought that I was good to go. But apparently my test was not very accurate.

I need to wash this sweater before sending it off to Loganberry. Can anyone give me some hints on how to wash it without changing all the white to blue? How can I set the dye? (I hear vinegar in the wash water works, does it?)

Peter's Comment: Babies are small.


GretchenX said...

Scout is looking very serious! Give her chin a scratch for me! :)

Jennifer said...

Scout is cute all the time!

Very sweet sweater. Vinegar should work to set the dye. I would also use cold water. A good way to test would be to take any leftover yarn or a swatch and test it out on that.

Agnes said...

I agree with Peter! And Scout really follows you all the time, I guess!
Yes, vinegar is what I know to be the solution.

Cordelia said...

What a cute sweater!

Scout looks like she's about to sneeze.

monkeemaven said...

Scout looks angry, as if she looked at the sweater thinking it was edible, only to find... it's not.

Karen said...

Very cute sweater! Scout cute no matter what. :)

Jes said...

I've heard that synthrapol is the best way to deal with dye that won't stop running. If you wash the sweater with some of it, it should hold onto the blue dye that is released and prevent it from attaching to the white. I've never used it but both Wendy and Grumperina (i think) have used it to spare them the dye release.

The sweater is adorable, btw =)

Rebekah said...

Oh I think Scout is very cute, he just has a very deep thought look on in this picture.

The sweater is very cute too.

Sner said...

My mom always told me that a good dose of salt in cold water would stop something running. I always give new jeans a good wash with salt and cold water and most of them have kept their colour better than can usually be expected!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry the yarn ran. But I love your approach to the colors. I can't wait to see it on the bambino himself. Now that Peter knows just how small babies are, he won't mind you stocking up on stuff to knit for the nieces and nephews.