Monday, May 15, 2006


It's not a cute as me, says Scout

Pattern: Mariella from Rowan Tuscan Retreat
Yarn: Rowan Holiday in some bluish color--perhaps it's Rock Pool? I'm too lazy to look at the ball band.
Needles: US sizes 13 and 15 (!!)
1. I'm going against my general rule that knitted garments look better when modeled by a person because I'm not pleased with the way this sweater looks on me. Or maybe I'm not pleased with the way I look with this sweater on me. I'm not certain if I'm displeased with the look because the sweater is ribbed (and therefore tight) or because the sweater is made with chunky yarn or both. Probably both. I think that chunky, tight sweaters make people look chunkier than they actually are.

2. When seaming this sweater (and when I was still thinking that I would wear it) I was worried about having too much bulk in the seams. So, I used only half the stitches to do the seams and I used left-over fingering weight yarn to sew up the seams instead of using the sweater yarn. I think the technique worked quite well--the seams are not bulky at all. But they aren't as neat as properly mattress-stitched seams.*

3. I DO think the sweater is very cute and would be very cute on the right person. Unfortunately that person is not me. However, I didn't spend much time on the sweater (one week) or much money (none) on it, so I'm not unhappy. Plus, this sweater will have a happy home in Yarntopia where it will hopefully help to sell lots of yarn.

*Edit to add: Okay, because so many of you complained about me complaining about my seams--look that the image. The seam is the single row of knit stitches in the middle. Half of that row of knit stitches is from the front piece of the sweater and half is from the back half. Notice how crooked the line is? Notice how the Vs of the stitches are not even? Some are small, some are large, some have a small leg and a large leg. Hideous! Hideous, I say! My dear readers, you should be expecting such anal behavior on my part. And Rachel--you should be praising my attention to detail and nodding furiously in agreement as you look at the photo. Not too long ago you were threatening to shun me if I became a sloppy knitter!


Mintyfresh said...

Maybe the store could sell the sweater, if someone were interested, at the time that they were going to give it back to you. It's definitely cute, and would be great on someone. And on 13s and 15s, must have gone so quickly!

Rachel said...

I agree with your general rule of tight chunky knits = chunky wearer, but I also agree that it's a realy cute knit when viewed on its own. I can think of no better life for it than on display in a yarn store.

By the way, your photo of "messy" seams? Makes me want to go burn all my seamed sweaters in embarrassement.

amylovie said...

It turned out great. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you.

Because you don't want to keep it, we can give you a gift certificate for the value of the yarn.


Meredith said...

It does look cute, but I know what you mean about chunky knits. And man, you call those seams messy? Sheesh.

helen said...

you are CRAZY for calling that a messy seam!!

Terby said...

I like the effect of the yarn, but I am not a fan of chunky stuff on me. I don't know how I feel about fitted ribbed sweaters generally - they tend to add bulk. The vertical component of ribbing isn't always enough to counteract that effect. Still, nice work. The color is great, and the texture is interesting.

Me said...

I like the sweater! pretty! however, I understand about the not wanting to wear it.

Jennifer said...

I think the sweater is cute! I agree about chunky yarn on a tight sweater though. It's one of my criticisms of my Blackberry.

Karen said...

I think the sweater is cute.

And I get my looks from my mom, who is the "white" parent....I look a lot like her, except darker coloring and dark hair. Unfortunately, I got her body type as well, and my brother and sister got the other sister used to be a model and cried to me awhile ago that she no longer fits into size 0 pants. Aw, poor baby.

Valerie said...

Somehow, I think you'd be disappointed with my seams.

CarrieScribe said...

Laura, it's so lovely! I'm sorry you don't like the way it looks on.

Craftmanship is, as always, impeccable. I see what you mean about the seam -- certainly not as neat as a "proper" mattress stitch done well -- but a heck of a lot better than a lot of mattress stitching I've seen. I absolutely wouldn't call it sloppy.

Sheryl said...

The sweater is precious and you did a great job. Thanks again!