Wednesday, November 30, 2005


At last night's SnB:
Monkee: Have you finished your sweater yet?
Me: No, I still have to seam it together. It's hard for me to finish sweaters during the week because of work.
Monkee: What are you going to use to seam it?
Me: The angora yarn.
Monkee: Do you think it's strong enough?
Me: I think so.
Monkee: But what about the cast on...
Me: I haven't had any yarn-breakage since then. Perhaps that stretch of yarn was particularly weak.

This evening at in Laura's dining room:
Me: AHHH! #%*$#&#^@*( !!!!!


agileflower said...

eeep what a bummer!!

Jennifer said...

oh no. hoo boy.

Cordelia said...

Oh, NO! Shoot.

So what are you going to use?

Karen said...

Oh Laura. :(

amylovie said...

Holy cow! That stinks.