Monday, April 04, 2005

The Most Perfect Disaster Ever

I finally finished Peter's sweater. It is easily the most perfect sweater I have ever produced because I really went out of my way to use the best knitting and finishing techniques. I made complete swatches and washed the swatches. I tested cast-on edges to find the perfect edge. I measured while knitting to make sure that my gauge was consistent. I knitted both sleeves at the same time to ensure that I use the exact same increases and decreases. I blocked everything perfectly to the correct dimensions. I seamed using a mattress stitch to make nearly invisible seams. I carefully counted the stitches I was picking up for the neck and planned out exactly which to pick up and which to skip.

When all was one and I presented my piece of perfection to Peter, he put it on and said, "It's too long." *CRY!* But actually, the sweater is NOT too long. It's the right dimensions according to the pattern. However, the sweater is too long for Peter's taste. Peter is too dang skinny. The bottom ribbing doesn't touch his body so it doesn't "grab on" to keep the hem of the sweater up where he would like it to be.

I will not frog this sweater just to make it the correct length. I'm thinking about adding elastic to the ribbing to see if I can get it to pull in. If worse comes to worse--I may cut out one of the diamond-patterned repeats and graft the ribbing to the sweater body. But I'm so very bad at grafting and the cabling will make grafting harder than ever. I'm not sure that I can undo the cast on edge and knit back down because the ribbing uses twisted stitches that continue up through the body.

Full length:
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Neck detail:
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Saddle strap detail:
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zibibbo said...

First. It is beautiful. Your attention to detail, time you invested really show. It is a work of art. *taps fingers* if trading in the DH for one who fits the sweater isn't an option I can send you some favorite Fatten The Man up recipes. Barring those, take some time for yourself (it is much like the Bends divers get, when your knit piece isn't just right isn't it) and tackle that grafting issue. You know you can do it!!

Momma Monkey said...

Wow !! Seriously, tell that man to suck it up and just wear the gorgeous thing !!

Pumpkinmama said...

How frustrating!! Hope you find a solution that isn't too painful. I vote for Zib's option - fatten that man up a bit.

goodkarma said...

It's an incredible sweater! I would leave it for a little while and then graft the ribbing a little higher. With all the work you did, it would be a shame for it to go unworn. You did such a beautiful job!

I-Girl said...

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I am so sorry that the recipient doesn't like it as much as he should ;).

It really is just gorgeous.

Knit Chick said...

The sweater turned out beautiful! All your hard work and care shows. Hey, if the sweater doesn't fit him, then make him fit the sweater! ;)


Your post has taught me two things:

1. Cabling can be beautiful - that is one fine jumper missy!

2. I probably shouldn't bother knitting a jumper for my bloke. He is skinny as a rake and picky as a, well, I don't know, something very, very picky. That is why so far I have only knit him one hat 'cos he turns his nose up at every jumper pattern I have ever shown him.

3. Washing swatches and counting neck stitches is worth it!

Hold your head up high, you've created a masterpiece. And force-feed that man some pies!
PP x


oops, that's three things!
Must have been so bowled over by the jumper I couldn't count!

Donna said...

Longer sweaters are in style! Tell that man to just suck it up and get with the program! :)

You did a beautiful job on the sweater. Congratulations to you.