Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Bunch of Firsts for Me

I'm starting to break out of my shell and doing new things. It's frightening.

My First Swap
Earlier this month, I flashed my tiny yarn stash. I included a photo of an old unfinished sweater that I knew I would never finish. I mentioned that I had plans for some of the yarn, but not all of it. Well, Helen saw this comment and said that she would be interested in swapping for the brightly colored lace-weight yarn. So we arranged a swap!

My First Trip to the Frog Pond
I've never frogged anything substantial before. In the past, I have only ripped out a few rows to correct a mistake. Well, I had gotten up to the armholes on the back of my poor unfinished sweater so I had some major ripping to do.

I learned this: Frogging is fun. Frogging and untangling FOUR strands of yarns knitted together is very un-fun. It took me 4-5 hours to frog the dang thing.

My First KAL
I joined the Ribbon Xback Knit Along. Now I'm waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can get started!

My First Encounter with Rowan Classic Yarns
I went to Yarns 2 Ewe over the weekend and had the pleasure to pet and drool over the new Rowan Classic Yarns. I can't believe how soft they are. I must make something from this yarn! I'm not a big fan of the patterns Rowan has put out for these yarns, but I'm sure I can find something!

My First Nutria Sighting
Well this is not a knitting related First, but it made me excited in a strange way. I had heard that nutria are common around here, but I never saw one until this past weekend. It looked like a cross between a beaver and a rat.

No new knitting photos to entertain you with. But here's a great photo of Scout after she learned what a bathtub is.

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cherry blossom said...

oh my goodness he is too cute !! i love how you caught him with his little tongue hanging out :) and yes nutria are very common around here. when i was younger i had the chance to see one....kind of. i had my glasses off so i thought it was a dog or something. 'i go, oh mom look! how cute is that dog?!' then put my glasses back on and saw the strange face she was making at me.......