Friday, March 03, 2006

Like butter scraped over too much bread

I love that ^^ quote ^^. It's a great analogy and it describes exactly how I feel: "all thin, sort of stretched."

So cute!To say that I've been busy is an understatement. Not much knitting to show off at the moment. I finished one sock and am working on the other. I'm seeing SG and her father tomorrow. They are running in a race with Peter. Well not with Peter, but at the same time as Peter. I'm not hoping to have the second sock done by tomorrow because I want SG to see me actually knitting a sock. However, I'd like to finish knitting the second cuff, knit the heel flap, and turn the heel before the start of the race. Doing that during the race will be a pain. Plus it's only a 5K which means that Peter will be done in 16 minutes or so. I don't usually take knitting to such short races.

Meanwhile, I have been doing a little work on the Barbie Shawl (Dayflower Daydream) but it has reached the point of lace-blobbiness so attempts at photos have failed.

But alas, the demands on my time have been keeping me away from my knitting needles. I'm still at my job (my last day is the 16th) and I have lots to do before I leave. Most of what I have to do is get ready to leave. I've accumulated a lot of stuff that needs to be organized and sent to the office before my last day.

As I prepare to leave one job, I'm also preparing to start my own freelancing business. I started networking, brushed up my resume, applied for independent health insurance, looked into forming an LLC, and ordered a computer.

Also, I have been working part time at a LYS. I teach classes and mind the store occasionally. I have some things to say about teaching knitting, but I'll save that for another time.

On top of all this, I have agreed to make two more sample knits. A big project for Annie Modesitt (at the bottom of the linked post) and a smaller project for Amylovie's store. I am a crazy woman.

But wait, there's more! I joined a kickboxing class. That's right--this girly-girl now has boxing gloves and spends her evenings hitting and kicking a big bag. The class meets EVERY weeknight so I have only snatches of time to knit at night. *Sigh*

And today, another distraction. Look! A toy! It's a MacBook Pro. One of the new Macs with an Intel chip. I want to play with it. Shiny!

Can a computer be cute?


Rachel said...

I don't know which is prettier, the beaded socks or the Mac! They're both beautiful in their own way. Lucky you with a new computer.

Good luck with all your craziness as you prepare to leave your job. I hope they throw you a killer good-bye party.

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have been busy. Kickboxing and freelancing and knitting sample kits. Whew!

The socks look so cute. I hope she enjoys them.

amylovie said...

You are knitting the dress?!? The silk top will be a walk in the park compared to that. Wow.


monkeemaven said...

Cat with boxing gloves is all cute and all, but we want a picture of you modeling them!!! Preferably hasty self-timer shots!

Elizabeth said...

Love the LOTR quote - I've been feeling that way myself lately. Once we're both less busy, we should meet up at Mary Charles for a knit...

Terby said...

Shiny. New. Toy. Jealous here. Good luck with the new venture. I'm sure it's going to be rewarding. What are your final thoughts on the socks? Did you like them enough to join us on the dark side?

Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

Wow--I have to say I'm SOOOO jealous!