Monday, March 06, 2006

Sweet Girl Socks

So innocent and sweet, yet devilish

Pattern: Spring Melody Child's Socks from 2006 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Baby Stripe, 1 hank
Needles: US size 0 DPN (yes, DPN!)
Pattern Errata: Before I started this pattern, there were no errata posted online. I found several mistakes and communicated them to the designer. I'm not sure if the designer passed the mistakes on to the publisher.
1. In the "Make Heel" section, repeat rows 1-4.
2. In the "Shape Heel" section, row 6 should read: p10, p2tog, p1, turn
3. The "Foot" section should read: Continue knitting in stockinette until foot measures 1.5 inches less than desired length.
Modifications: I did a normal slip-stitch heel flap instead of following the directions.
Comments: The socks are pretty darn cute, but those beads were a bear. Should I ever do beaded knitting again, I'm going to try the crochet-hook method.

I showed SG one finished sock this weekend. I also showed her that I was working on the second sock. I didn't even have to tell her that the socks are for her. She figured it out on her own. She was very shy at first--she didn't even want to touch the sock. But once I convinced her to hold it, she got very excited. The first thing that she noticed were the beads. So, of course, putting the beads in was completely worth it!

Random, unrelated weirdness
because Monkee of you dare.


Mintyfresh said...

Ever since I started reading your blog, I've felt that you look exactly like my Urban Rebounding instructor at the gym, who I adore. She often takes a kickboxing class that I used to go to regularly. Seeing you with those gloves makes you look even MORE like her, if it's possible!

Congrats on the finished socks!

Rachel said...

I simply cannot reconcile the beaded girly socks and that TERRIFYING, INTIMIDATING photograph of you. It's just not possible.

Can you knit with those boxing gloves on? Now there's something that would impress me.

Elizabeth said...

Such sweet girl socks they are, too! And the sweet girl noticed the beads, which made it all worthwhile. Very nice.

amylovie said...

Will ya look at those sweet little socks. What little girl wouldn't adore them?

I hope I stay on your good side. You are one mean lookin' momma.


Jennifer said...

The socks are adorable, and the beads are such a nice touch, even if they were a pain to do.

You look like you're ready to go kick a little behind! You go girl!

Meredith said...

Cute socks! And you can't smile like that if you're trying to look tough--gotta scowl a bit or something. ;)

knit chick said...

I'm so glad that SG loved them. That's so sweet how she was shy at first.

RE: the gloves... Peter better not get you mad ;)

monkeemaven said...

Those socks are so cute. Are we going to touch them tomorrow?

Karen said...

The socks are adorable!

And even though you're trying to be tough, you look so cute. :)

Ingrid said...

sweet socks...I love SG's response :) The power of cuteness! helped you finished beaded socks...if you could bottle that power you'd be onto a winner

Susann said...

The socks are absolutely adorable, as are you!

Zonda said...

I love the socks, and thanks for the errata! BTW...yikes... ahem..nice gloves :)

Ginger said...

Ahhh, they are sweet. I may have to pull out the pattern calendar and knit up a pair for Daughter.

Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

I absolutely LOVE these socks!! Ymmy yarn--as are all Lorna's Laces!