Monday, March 21, 2005

Kittyville Noch Einmal

Over the weekend I made a second Kittyville hat. I'm giving it to my SIL Tracy for her birthday. Tracy used to own two black cats, but now she and my brother live in a rented house and their landlord won't let them have pets. I was going to make her a black hat, but I hate working with black yarn, so I chose a dark heathered charcoal instead. I think I did a better job placing the ears on this hat:

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Yarn used: MC Plymouth Galway Highland color 704, CC Plymouth Galway color 114
Needles: Two circular US size 9

This hat was the first object that I have made with Plymouth Galway. Very nice yarn! Soft, good yardage, lots of colors, and wound in a center pull ball. Galway may become my standard worsted weight yarn.

Progress on Peter's sweater is continuing. I'm working both sleeves at the same time. I need to work fast. Peter's birthday is April 17th and I decided that I wanted to give it to him as a present. I love giving myself deadlines.

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Guilty of Conspicuous Consumerism
I finally gave into temptation and ordered a fancy blocking board. The towel-covered bed is no longer good enough for me.


monkeemaven said...

Those Kittyville hats are awesome. I need to make myself one... but I keep buying blue yarn. I guess I could tell anyone it's a Russian Blue... even though they're grey-ish and I have bright blue. Huh.

monkeemaven said...

Oh - about the SnB tonight - I probably won't make it, what with the allergies and sneezing and sniffling and... well, mainly that.

Sarah said...

Aww... The kittyville hat is super cute!

Marla said...

Your Kittyville hat came out great!