Saturday, March 26, 2005

I [heart] my blocking board

How in the world did I ever live without a blocking board before? The lines, the numbers--I'm in heaven!!!

My lovely blocking board is just big enough to block the front and back of Peter's sweater:

Image hosted by

But not quite big enough to block both sleeves at the same time (stupid saddle straps!)

Image hosted by

Once sleeve #1 is dry, I'll block sleeve #2 and start seaming the sweater. This sweater needs a lot of seaming--again Stupid Saddle Straps!

In other news...
I ordered yarn for Moni from a wonderful online retailer called Richesse. But I won't start that sweater until after I have finished the Baby Blanket. The yarn arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, I did my stash photo shoot for Flash Your Stash last week so this yarn won't be in the group shot. I will take an extra close-up photo of it and post it next week along with the rest of the "yarn p0rn."


Nik said...

I've wanted to make that lily chin reversible shawl for the longest time. You've done an amazing job with it. It looks SO nice and elegant. You've inspired me to go look for my pattern and give it a go.

strangelittlemama said...

ooh! which size blocking board did you get?