Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chapter 2 of my trip down memory lane

With this entry, I'm continuing to trace my pre-blog knitting experiences. What happened to Chapter 1? Well, chapter 1 was not labeled as such but it does exist!

After knitting a BF sweater (and before BF dumped me), I embarked on a sweater just for me. I picked an "intermediate" sweater from one of my mother's knitting books. Mom assured me that I would be able to handle the pattern and taught me the techniques that I needed to make the sweater. I started the sweater in December but I don't remember when I finished it. Here it is in all it's glory (with Scout):

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And a detail shot of the lace and color work:

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Not bad for the second thing that I ever knitted, huh?

This sweater has a rather strange story associated with it. Now remember, I was knitting this sweater in the days before online shopping existed. And at the time, I was attending college in the Middle of Nowhere, MA. So, most of the students attending my school purchased clothes through catalogs.

One afternoon, I opened a copy of the then-popular, now-defunct Tweeds catalog and found (much to my horror) that the catalog was selling the very sweater that I was currently knitting. I even looked at the photo with a magnifying lens to confirm that the sweater for sale was made from the exact same pattern that I was using. The only difference between the two sweaters was that I was making mine with wool and the one for sale was made in cotton. I thought that I would soon be seeing people wearing "my sweater" before I even finished my version of it. And when I did finish it, would people think that I just purchased the sweater that I had labored over?

Luckily, the sweater in the catalog was also hand-knit and therefore priced a little beyond what college students could reasonably afford. But still, it was very weird to see "my sweater" in a catalog.

Side note: my 3rd FO was a random-striped, garter stitch scarf made with the left over yarn from this sweater.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive for a second sweater. I like the lace. Not too girly, but pretty.