Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seven Random Things

Debby and Amanda both tagged me with the "seven random things" meme. I'd better answer the meme before I get more tags!

1. I'm irrationally afraid of bees*. And I do mean irrationally. I know that bees won't bother me if I don't bother them but that knowledge is not enough for me to cease freaking out when a bee is near me. I don't get spastic or anything--I just completely freeze up. I won't move because if I don't move, the bee can't possibly think that I'm bothering it and it won't bother me, right? If the bee doesn't move along quickly enough, I'll start to cry. Luckily, most times that a bee is near me, Peter is also near me and he knows to shoo the bee away or to stand between me and the bee and drag me away. Every time Peter does this, he gets exasperated with me and lectures me on the lack of bee danger. Hello Peter?! You've known me for nearly 15 years, you know that I'm never going to get over it. What part of "irrational" don't you understand?

2. I've never been stung by a bee. (Did I tell you that my fear is irrational?)

3. I got married in Disney World. I'm not a Disney fanatic--in fact, neither Peter nor I had ever been to Disney World before we went there to get married. I picked Disney World because it was easy and cheap and the honeymoon was included.

4. My brother is 1 year, 1 day, 20 hours, and 5 minutes older than I am. However, when we were growing up, many people thought we were twins. I hated that because if we WERE twins that would mean that either he was smarter than I was and got put ahead a grade or I was really stupid and got held back. It was a no-win situation for me.

5. My first pet was a dog whose official name was Winston Churchill III. I always assumed that Winston Churchill "the first" was THAT guy, but I could never figure out who Winston Churchill "the second" was.

6. I told my Modern Physics professor that I didn't believe in quarks. I can't remember what prompted me to say that, but I do remember his reaction. I expected him to blow off the comment or to laugh at me (as did the other students who were in the room), but instead be was very fascinated by my claim. The professor and I then proceeded to have a conversation about why I couldn't accept quarks as real but I "knew" that protons, neutrons, and electrons were real. I earned an A– in his class even though I did not buy into one of the fundamental theories of the class.

7. I have a pretty cello.


I don't know who to tag. Let me think about it :)

* For me, the word "bees" means wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets, honeybees, bumblebees, and all other bee-like insects. Don't click that link if you are squeamish about seeing close-up photos of bugs.


kmkat said...

I would like to correct your #7. What you have is a beautiful cello.

Cyn said...

I'm with you on the bees. I don't want them anywhere near me. And I've never been stung either.

I'm also irrationally afraid that I'm horribly allergic to bee stings - and since I've never been stung I wouldn't know about it - and that the first time I get stung, I'll be out in the middle of nowhere with no hospital nearby and will DIE. Grrrr bees.

Meredith said...

I've never gotten stung by a bee either--and my reaction to seeing them is to hit them with my hand while they're in mid-air (seems like I would have gotten stung by now).

I looove your cello. I knew someone who had a violin with a gargoyle head for the scroll--that was just kinda scary.

amylovie said...

Bees huh? They are scary. I'm phobically (is that a word?) scared of sharks.


Mintyfresh said...

Bees freak me out too; I've been stung about three times, but I had this fear well before ever having been stung.

Like Amy, I have a major shark phobia. really can't watch them on TV, in movies, and heaven forbid I go to an aquarium!

Jennifer said...

I'm not fond of bees and bee-like insects either. I have been stung, and it's not that fun.

Emilee said...

Wow. You have a stunningly beautiful cello.

Helen said...

i am absolutely jealous of your cello!

s t a c i said...

I'm glad to hear you freak out around bees by being still. I AM allergic to bee stings, and the spazzy people are the ones who end up getting me stung! Sorry you're afraid, thank you for being still! :)

Do you play the beautiful cello?

Rachel said...

Do you actually not believe in quarks? Or did you just tell the teacher that to get him worked up?

Did your parents have a dog named Winston Churchill before you got WCIII? That's my only possible explanation. Unless the real WC was, in fact, the second one.

Know what I find dull? Cellos and bees. I can't think of a single thing to say about either.

Cordelia said...

I, unlike Rachel & like most of your other commenters, also hate bees (as per your definition) and find your cello stunningly beautiful.
I love that the professor took you seriously. Aren't liberal arts schools great?

Debby said...

When you got married in Disney, did you have the Cinderella carraige and the whole thing? I saw a bit of a Disney wedding on TV once and am wondering if yours was like that.

Chris is allergic to bees but so casual about it. I have to nag him to get the Epipen every year (was reminded of that by your post today and will send him an email now). I'm not afraid of them at all and stepped on them multiple times when I was barefoot as a kid. It hurts, like a bad wood sliver in your finger. I'm not afraid of spiders and earwigs, but they completely and totally gross me out. And we're headed into earwig season...yuck.

Elizabeth said...

There was a novelist named Winston Churchill around in the early 20th C.
The prime minister WC and the novelist were not related, though they did meet once. Says my dad, whose field was British history. But who also is a renowned bullsh!tter. But, I know the novelist existed because his books used to come through my bookstore.

Ginger said...

Very pretty cello indeed ! What sort is it ? My Mum plays the cello too, but she only owns a full-sized Amadeus. Very lovely cello !

Jenn said...

I too am afraid of bees. I will go into hysterics if they are near me. Its so bad that my husband wants me to get hypnotized to see if it helps!

You have a beautiful cello. I have played the violin since I was a little girl. When I was in high school, I wanted to switch to the cello. I never did, and would still love to learn to play.