Thursday, May 24, 2007

Many Words on Many Things

I’m taking a cue from S t a c i and doing a fast-changing topic Thursday. (She does Fast-Changing Topic Fridays, but I suspect that that’s a trademarked phrase.)

Groveling, Travel, and Email
First of all, I’ve been lame again and haven’t been answering my blog comments. Very bad me. And now I’m about to go on a four-day vacation and I’m not taking my computer (gasp!)—on purpose (double gasp!). So, don’t hate me if I haven’t responded to your comments. I also having problems finding the email address of people who leave comments so even when I do try to answer them, I can’t. :(

Red and Pink StashDebby once asked me to take a photo of all my pink yarn. I finally got around to photographing my stash and realized that I didn’t have as much pink yarn stashed as I had imagined. I guess I knit up pink yarn so fast that it doesn’t really hang out in the stash for long. So for you Debby, my pink and red stash. Because you had to wait so long for it, my pink and red finished object gallery is shown below, too. Click on the mosaics to get details about each photo.

Graceful Self-Striping Laceweight
Darling Thomasina and Sweet Rachel both think that I should make the Forest Path Stole with my Graceful yarn. Amy, on the other hand, expressed doubts about whether that pattern would be appropriate. I have doubts about the stole, too—but only because I worry about the fiddliness of the pattern. But really, FPS is one of the patterns that I considered—self-striping yarns and entrelac are a magical combination.

Terby suggested the lovely Hamani Stole—which I LOVE—and that is a contender, too.

Red and Pink FOsThe last contender is one that goes against one of the pattern qualifications that I set down because it has a knit-on border. However, I like the pattern because the body of the shawl is a simple repeating lace pattern that I think will show off the self-striping yarn to a great advantage. It’s the Myrtle Leaf Shawl for Victorian Lace Today. Amanda is working on this pattern right now.

Oh and for those curious: Kristie has some photos of a different colorway of Graceful knit up.

I’m a swinger! part 2
Yes, I did get search engine hits from people looking for swingers.

Super-Secret Knitting
The knitting for Kristen is done and has been sent off. The second project involved cables.

Seven Random Things
AllStateJrYearApparently, most people were only interested in two of my seven things. Either that or they just read the first thing and then were immediately distracted by the photos on the last thing and skipped all the stuff in the middle. Except for Rachel. Rachel loves me and reads everything that I write. (Cordelia read the stuff in the middle, too, but I have to set Rachel apart because Rachel may turn on me if I don’t.)

Oh and I don’t play my pretty cello anymore. I’m considering taking lessons again—you’ll know when I do because I’ll suddenly stop knitting. Can you find me in the photo? Click the photo for a biggie view and the answer.

And delayed tagging for the meme: I tag S t a c i (okay, I tagged her last week and she's already done the meme) and Drew.


Rachel said...

It think it's far too convenient that your stash and FO grids came out so evenly. I bet you left things off just for aesthetic purposes. I knew you couldn't be trusted.

I'm sorry that you were the only non-white person in Iowa when that photo was taken, but it did help me pick you out right away. :) Although I was very nearly permanently distracted by the abundance of 80s hair.

I went to all-state chorus in New Hampshire for four years. I was in the front row for all our performances. I guess I'm just a better musician than you.

(Either that or the chorus was arranged by height.)

Cordelia said...

Magical cables. I love the green color, too. :-)
Have a nice vacation!

s t a c i said...

I'm going to sit down with a team of lawyers to figure out how you owe me royalties on today's post.

The green cables are so pretty. I like how the space between the cables is actually another, smaller cable instead of something plain.

Have a fun getaway!

Helen said...

i want want want to play my cello. i don't know what to do with it when I move outta the house. the 'rents will have to keep it for me for now, I guess. i got a guitar today. free. my second. because i can only play 4 chords, haha. i want guitar lessons. when i have time. never. knitting? hah. what's that?

Jennifer said...

I love all the red and pink yarn! Very pretty mosaic.

Have a good vacay!

Amy said...

That is quite the pink/red stash! :) Good luck on whatever shawl you choose, you know we'll be waiting for pictures and commentary. :)

Hope you are enjoying your computer-free time!

Terby said...

I'm shocked by you. You have much more red than pink yarn. Glad you liked the stole suggestion - I've been looking at that one for a while now, but there are many things ahead of it in the queue. I like your mystery cabled green thing.

Meredith said...

I love the pink/red pictures! And I'm very impressed that you remembered so many names of the people in the state orchestra. I can barely remember the names of people I went to high school with for four years.

Debby said...

Thank you for posting photos of your stash! I love the pink KSH and the BFL that Scout is modeling, and the you have plans for these just yet? I also loved looking at your FOs. There are several pretty things I'd like to make there, but maybe that's because they're pink?

If you start playing your cello again, that means I'll have to start playing my piano, and just thinking about it stresses me out! :)

Amanda said...

I am so jealous of your stash! And to think that was just the reds and pinks. My stash is so pitiful compared to most people in blogland.

I love the pretty green cables!