Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Upcoming projects

First of all, yay for me. I figured out how to get my side bar positioned properly. I just had to make the photos smaller.

The next sweater I'm going to work on is called It's on the Tab from Knitter's Magazine. It will be the second sweater I've made for my DH. But the first was made when he was just my BF. (no problems with the boyfriend curse). I've ordered Cascade 220 for it. MC is a denim blue and the CC is a burgundy heather. Color approval by DH took forever--he's much more picky about colors than I am. I plan to do this sweater concurrently with my Reversible Rib Shawl. I think the differences in yarn weight will help me keep sane.

After DH's sweater is done, I will begin work on my own cabled sweater. It's Grace from Debbie Bliss's Cotton Angora book. At first I wanted to do the sweater in either Cotton Angora or Cashmerino, but after reading the reviews of both those yarns on Knitter's Review and Wise Needle, I decided that I probably wouldn't be happy with either. So, after much yarn searching, I'm pretty certain that I'm going to make Grace with Karabella Aurora 8.

I guess I'm just being a cable freak right now. I've done cables (first sweater for DH had cables), but I've never made a cabled sweater for myself before. Maybe after all my cable projects, I actually want to do colorwork again

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