Monday, January 24, 2005

First Knitting Entry

Well, now I'm finally getting to the point of this blog. After having it and not really using it for months.

Right now I'm working on Lily Chin's Reversible Rib Shawl. Since this summer, I've wanted to knit myself a shawl. I looked at so many shawl patterns trying to locate the perfect one. After looking at each pattern, my shawl pattern wishlist became more and more defined. I wanted something fluffy or fuzzy, something rectangular (didn't want to worry about increases and decreases), something relatively simple looking that wasn't too plain either, something reversible, and something that didn't have big gaping holes in it. I was beginning to give up hope, when I began reading the features in the back issues of Knitty. And I read Bildungsrowan. There it was. My perfect shawl.

I called Mom--a.k.a. Owner of Thousands of Patterns--and asked her to locate the pattern in her back issues of Vogue Knitting. Of course, she found it and sent it to me.

I ordered the yarn (Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Bebe), waited forever for it to arrive, and started swatching. At first, I wasn't going to swatch. But the knitting mavens on the knitty coffeeshop discussion board convinced me that swatching was a good idea. Boy, where they right! I ended up making three swatches to help me decide which size needle to use. And the swatching gave me practice knitting with the Kidsilk Haze. I learned quickly that knitting with mohair is not the same as knitting with plain yarn.

Anyway, I'm now finally actually working on the shawl. I've done about 1.5 repeats of the pattern. Here's the work in progress...

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Gaile said...

I love it! What back issue of Vogue did your Mom find it in?