Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sweater Swatching

The main color yarn for DH's sweater arrived on Friday. It's Cascade 220 in color #9332. I ordered it from Hello Knitty. The contrasting color (#4008) is scheduled to arrive next week. Because the pattern starts with the CC, I'll have to wait for it to arrive before starting the sweater. In the mean time, I've been swatching and practicing one of the cable patterns from the sweater. See it here:

I've never worked with Cascade 220 before. It seems very nice so far. Fairly soft and not scratchy. The cable pattern is not as difficult as the instructions first appeared. The seed stitch pattern in the center of the diamond (not very visible in photo) sort of threw me off in the beginning. But the whole pattern became more intuitive to me as I continued working on it.

Meanwhile. My Kittyville hat made its public debut yesterday. I'd say it was a hit. Lots of people commented on it and became even more excited when I told them that I made it. Gosh, I love to brag :-)

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