Friday, August 18, 2006

You Got to Have Friends!

Although my trip to Alaska was my biggest adventure of the year (or of many years), returning home was not a let down.

First, I went to the grocery store and found Dark Chocolate M&Ms stocked on the shelves. I promptly celebrated and patted myself on the back because I’m certain that the appearance of this product is a direct result of my constant whining about the absence of it ever since the Sith/Jedi M&Ms disappeared a couple of years ago. Of course, my whines were obviously not specific enough because I really wanted Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms.

Cryptic CardsThen, I went to my mailbox and discovered that many Knittyheads were scheming during my absence from the chat room. Cards! Many cards! Even Christmas cards and a birthday card (though my birthday was in June). Some of the cards were for the cats and Sarah of Morg’s card even contained a cat toy for my kitties. I am quite certain that Monkee instigated this scheme and devised a way to drive me batty.

Each card contains a "clue" or "hint" and the hints don't seem to be related in any way (other than being odd). I'm been trying to figure out these clues, but my attempts are not yielding anything worthwhile. I've tried anagrams and other silly things. So let's see if you can do any better:
From etcgirl: Asteroid
From Barbie*: Armadillo
From Sarah: Hamustar (not Hamster!)
From Karen: Peach and Equal (2 hints)
From Valerie: Hamburger and Fluff Puppy (2 hints)
From Monkee: Bends, Before, and Any (3 hints)

Is this my best side? asks ScoutThe mailbox contained even more goodies the next day: Cotton Ease!** Yes, that's the Lion Brand discontinued Cotton Ease! Ten balls in pink from my beloved, newly blog-enabled Barbie*. She must have heard me sighing over the softness of Cotton Ease and wishing that I could lay my grubby paws on some. (I couldn't find any in the stores around here before it was discontinued.) I was giddy with happiness when I opened the box. I also knew immediately what the yarn will be used for--the sweater that Meredith is making from Inspired Cable Knits. (Peter says, "Won't it look just like that other pink sweater that you made?" I responded, "That was a cardigan! This is a pullover!" Peter: "I must have said something stupid.")

*not her real name

** I am highly embarrassed to be posting this today because Rachel just accused me of receiving yarn from other people "all the time" when in fact and rarely receive yarn from other people and when I do get yarn I'm very happy about it because getting yarn from others is such a special treat and I always wish that I had the correct send-me-yarn aura that Monkee seems to have because people send her really nice yarn out of the blue all the time and it's just not fair that the people who send out yarn to other people aren't sharing the wealth with people other than Monkee but never mind about Monkee for the moment the real issue here is that Rachel is spreading lies about me again and she still claims to be my friend even though she supposedly took away part of my soul.


helen said...

poor Peter! haha

you still haven't solved it?

and man. i wish i hadn't upset monkee so much. or i woulda gotten fun mail like you and Barbie did.

and why did no one tell me Barbie now had a blog??

Jennifer said...

What are the hints supposed to be for?

Oooo, cotton ease... Wonderful stuff.

marymac said...

Wow, I wish I had a friend like Barbie to send me stuff. She sounds swell.

(Helen who?)

monkeemaven said...

Don't think too deeply. The answer makes perfect sense.

Meredith said...

Ooh, can't wait to see your sweater in pink! I'm sure you'll finish yours before I even start mine. :)

Karen said...


Valerie said...

The answer is right in front of you. You just have to think outside the box.

Hey, I'm planning to make that sweater, too! Copycat! ;)

Debby said...

Gorgeous pink yarn! (but is there any pink yarn that's not gorgeous??).

What great friends...I'm dying to know what the mystery is!

Cordelia said...

So cool, to get all that stuff. Don't forget to tell those of us who aren't in on it, what the puzzle is! (because I have no idea.)
I like your second post-script.
And Peter did, indeed, say something stupid. :-)

Sarah said...

Cool card stash!


And yes, I have no idea what the clues mean either! I am only a small part of the puzzle!

The quiviut is still being prepped. I'm just warning you, the prep is taking a while. But it is oh so soft after the prep....I really am looking forward to the spin part!

Rebekah said...

Just catching up, looks like your trip to Alaska was fabulous. And what fun to come home too.

Rachel said...

I didn't take part of your soul away, I just, you know, took control of it. If you like I can send you some of my leftover yarn and then we'll each have power over the other -- sort of like when two countries both have nuclear weapons but neither will use them because they know the other will use theirs right back.

Now I shall accuse you of stealing my patented run-on-sentence blog technique. I understand that you want to be just like me, but do you have to be so obvious about it?