Thursday, February 03, 2005

Where's my yarn?!

I'm itching to start DH's sweater. I have most of the yarn, but the contrasting color has yet to arrive--and the sweater starts with the CC. I hope the yarn arrives today. If it doesn't, I will email the vendor.

I'm all prepared to start the sweater. I've wound yarn, swatched, washed the swatch, made a swatch of the cable pattern, and made an enlarged copy of the cable chart. And because I'm such a visual person and a bit of a nerd, I carefully color coded the cable chart.

Why is there a weird glare on that chart? Because, in even more nerd-fashion, I put the chart in one of those plastic page protectors. And if you filp the chart over, you will see the entire pattern for the sweater. So where's my yarn!!!???


monkeemaven said...


But the chart looks gorgeous!

Lisa P said...

Oh I do the same thing. Nerds unite! *LOL!*

Jaimi said...

Ooooh yeah. I am all about the sheet protectors. (And the dividers that are wide enough so the tabs stick out between sheet-protected pages. Definitely yeah.)

Anonymous said...

Gee - I used fluorescent markers on my chart, and yes, it is in a page protector too, with the pattern instructions readily accessible on the flip side...You're a scientific editor? This is freaky: I'm currently a Tech writer but used to teach HS physics/chem/etc, and use Holt textbooks.

Verra handsome stitchwork on the cable rib shawl.

the Woolley MomMyth