Monday, February 07, 2005

Cats and Kidsilk Haze

I have three fairly well-behaved cats. For example, the cats know that they aren't supposed to jump on the kitchen counter or on the dining room table. So, they only go up to those places when no humans are in the room and jump off when they hear a human coming.

When I knit, I usually have a cat or two sitting next to me or sitting on my lap. Normally, the cats leave my yarn alone and don't try to play with it. But things are different with my shawl yarn. My lovely shawl is being knitted out of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. All three cats are entranced by the floaty, fluffy yarn. And they can't wait to get their paws (or their mouths) on the fuzzy balls. Once, Scout tried to run off with an entire ball of the yarn. I scolded her and she dropped the ball and looked very sad and apologetic. Then, she grabbed the ball again! Do the cats think that the yarn is some sort of animal?

Shawl update: I finished the third ball of yarn. The shawl is now
32 inches long.

(Edited to add hard return before "32." The editor inside me can't stand it when a line breaks between a number and its units.)

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Kristy said...

Clearly, the cats see the kidsilk haze as a mouse. Small, furry, fits in their mouths.

Oh, wait am I saying? *I* can't keep my hands of my friend's kidsilk haze she's knitting a scarf out of, I can't imagine being a cat and trying to resist!